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Additional Templates (instead of just for Chart Notes)

Need to be able to set up templates for the care plans - with Chronic Disease Management, so much of it is the same. Templates would be a real help.

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Sylvia shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

What other sections of the EHR would you like to have templates? Messages? Documents comments? Diagnosis comments? Medication comments? Tasks?


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  • Emily Zhao commented  · 

    Our team would really appreciate the ability to make templates for discharge!

  • Tyler Reidhead commented  · 

    Care plan and chief complaint. Those two places would save a lot of time for us!

  • Courtney, RN commented  · 

    "Nurse's notes"
    I currently have a custom "nurse's notes" but it is on the drop-down menu with the SOAP notes, so I have to chart my nurse's notes (for example, "IM injection left deltoid, 80 mg depomedrol, pt tolerated well," etc.) BEFORE the Dr can chart a SOAP note...and then it copies over to the Assessment portion of the SOAP note, so Dr has to copy and paste it into Treatment section. Same is true if I use "Other" notes. Please, please change this!
    Also, Messages is a great one to add. We often have patients call back to report on how a medication is working OR they call to report side effects, etc.

  • Abe Hickey commented  · 

    Treatment plan templates outside of notes would be great. Also, Templates within and outside of chart notes that do not have the SOAP headers. In North Carolina we are required to use the PIE note format for mental health.

  • Keely Godwin, MD commented  · 

    Messages would be ideal, in that it would allow us to create a note that doesn't require vitals (obviously, if it's a phone interaction, there are not vitals measured), but will allow us to use the "plan" format of the SOAP note to create a plan based on the message received, and potentially to prescribe medications, if appropriate as a provider response.

  • dagon percer commented  · 

    This is would be especially useful in my practice where I do a lot of procedures and right now what i do is copy and paste a word document since I have long detailed instructions for wound care.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    also in chief complant

  • Medea Karr commented  · 

    Messages, care plan, simple notes, documents to print out for patients, frequently used letters... The more templates the better!

  • Dr Eiyass Albeiruti commented  · 

    Templates for care plan would be big.
    Right now, I don't tend to use care plan for much. But if it can have templates, I can easily see it used for patient instructions. Currently, I print out instructions from separate (word processor) software. It would be much easier to use PF for that--also, it would save the specific instructions into the patient's chart, which is good for medico-legal purposes!

  • Ariel commented  · 


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