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Add field for primary and/or referring physicians

Add please a field in schedule section for primary or referring physician and insurance information at the time of making appointment for our patients. As a specialist office, this feature will be greatly appreciated since this will save us time and do double work. Also if possible we can add as well a row to just add any time of comments or notes that would be visible in our patients appointment section. Thank you so much for all your help, and for accepting our suggestions! that is wonderful!

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  • Farshad Shafizadeh commented  · 

    As a specialist, I like to see the name of patient's referring physician. There should be a place in the patient's profile that the name of referring provider be entered and also show up on the top of the encounter or in the patient's summary.

  • Dr Mohammed Zahoor commented  · 

    It would be convenient if the referring physician's name would be printed when printing the patient demographics.

  • Dr Faiq Hasan commented  · 

    We need to be able to print and also include in certain notes all the patients providers in a list inc. PCP and all specialists. This is a requirement to properly document Medicare Annual Wellness visit. Please prioritize this feature. I recently found out about this and still not a lot of physicians know about it but this is a huge income generator for small practices such as mine. This will also help in Chronic care management documentation which is again a new entity but could have very significant impact on income.

  • Dr HARCHETAN SANDHU commented  · 

    Agree with Dr Santiago re the easy access under the patient name on the SOAP re the primary care doc and associated specialists for that patient so that a single click next to their name can send the info through fax or electronically to them without scrolling for the doctor names under different sub headers

  • Ms Amy Lee commented  · 

    It would be most helpful for the insurance company and primary care provider to populate on the blue header of patient's chart.

  • Dr Bernard Savella commented  · 

    Some Insurances require an NPI number attached to the referring doctors name
    As a specialist, a field for an NPI number would be helpful
    Thank You

  • Mr George Santiago commented  · 

    Hi, this is great, but I this information should also be located were the patient's name DOB and email for quick view. It is very incovenient to keep going into the demographics and scroll almost all the way down to just see who is the referring provider or any other specialist.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Will this be under the patient profile?

  • Mr George Santiago commented  · 

    Those are great news! When will we see it? Who can be part of the beta?

  • Ms Elizabeth Trujillo commented  · 

    In the old PF, when referring a pt to a specialist the phone number used to be included in the after visit summary. Can you please bring this back? It would be a great time saver instead of having to go look for the number and having to write it down. Thanks!

  • Deborah Seelig commented  · 

    If you are going to add primary doc in pt profile, please be sure to add enough fields for prim doc, referring doc, and other pertinent doc(s). As a specialist, I need to be able to see primary doc and referring doc, and any other doc involved in pt care, all of who are important to continuity of care. The prim doc may not be the one who referred the pt to me.

    To make it simple, add the field as a plain text field so we can fill it in as needed.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would be interested in a feature that allows for notation of PCP and pharmacy in patient profile (outside of eprescribing section).

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please add the feature to fax note to referring provider.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Assigning a PCM is part of the PCMH model of care. Patients should be assigned a primary care manager/primary care team which should be visible at booking and populate on the schedule. Thanks

  • Jacob Aiello commented  · 

    This service is actually required for our practice to be able to attest to be an Oregon Primary Care Medical Home. While we internally do assign patients to a primary care provider, we need a way to be able to prove this to the Oregon Health Authority via our EHR ASAP.

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