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Message Archiving Enhancement

Please individualize message archive to give time to others to see it. Now if one party archives it, the message no longer appears for everybody.

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Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Aliza responded  · 

Hi everyone – As of 2/14/2017, we have introduced a new Message setting to all practices that allows administrators to determine if group messages will be archived for all participants once the first user archives the message, or if the message can be archived for by each user individually.

You can read more about the updated Message settings here:


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  • Ms Angeline Fugere commented  · 

    Currently, when a message is sent to multiple staff members and one of those recipients replies to the sender, the message disappears from the inbox of ALL recipients even if they have not replied or even opened the message. Please allow the message to remain in all recipients inboxes (as either read or unread) and allow individual recipients to read/archive/delete as needed regardless of the response of other recipients in the group message. Thank you!

  • livinlogos commented  · 

    As others have mentioned, it would be great to have "Viewed" or "Unread" for each person if group message is sent, rather than archiving for everyone.

  • J Steve Mayo commented  · 

    Additionally, if there are any unread messages in Sent or Archive, please add the display of unread messages to the tab, like currently done with INBOX.

  • Ms Brooke Gregory commented  · 

    When a member of our team sends a "mass message" out to team members, often when someone reads it and replies, they will "archive" the message, which then archives the message for the whole team. It would be nice to know if/when a person reads the message and allow each individual to archive to their own message inbox, while still allowing others to read the message.

  • Ms Stephanie Perrier commented  · 

    My idea is that, messages should not be archived for anyone other than the recipients who archive them.

  • Mrs Dinah Olson commented  · 

    If we send a message to more than one staff person and one person archives the message after completing their portion of the task then everyone's message is archived. Please change this so each receipient archives their own message. Otherwise they will never see the message and act on it.

  • Ms Kathleen Schwarz commented  · 

    When we send messages to several providers at our practice...when one of the providers clicks the message and archives it, it archives that message for ALL the providers it was sent to...then if some providers had not had a chance to get in and check messages this message is gone from their in-box and they never new a message was even sent to's already in their archived messages since another provider archived. Can we get it to separate so that only the message is only archived for the individual provider who is clicking on archive.

  • Nina H commented  · 

    Archiving messages for everyone in the practice is highly inconvenient. Some people on the chain may need to take further action and prefer to have the item in their inbox while others no longer need to take action on the message and want it out of view in their inbox. Also it causes inefficiency because if someone replies and then archives the message the message recipient has to check for the reply in their archive and not their inbox. Individuals should be able to manage their messages as they see fit.

  • Dr Danielle Saad commented  · 

    Once a message has been forwarded to another person, it should not continue to appear in my inbox.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree 100%! This is a major flaw.

  • Katherine King commented  · 

    I am in complete agreement. When I message my providers regarding missing superbills and they answer then archive, I am unable to acknowledge I have received their answer. I then have to create a new message and re-write all info I am contacting them about. I also show on my end that I have messages received and cannot find them in my inbox, having to search for them.

  • Karen Adams commented  · 

    please fix this feature so that if one person archives a mass communication the rest of the group will still see the necessary communication!
    ie: I recently sent a mass email to all my clinicians to add future appts to their plan but one of the clinicians must have archived this message and now I understand while this isn't happening it is because they never got the message...aarrgghh

  • Dr Antoine Mourra commented  · 

    This is a very annoying quirk in the otherwise good messaging function. It is currently impossible to send the same message to more than one person at a time for fear that the message can be deleted to all if only one recipient deletes or archives it.

  • Dr. Deirdre Orceyre commented  · 

    Yes, this has caused some communication breakdowns in our office!

  • Elizabeth Lopez commented  · 

    In our office, even if only one of the recipients opens the message (without archiving it), the alert icon for a new message disappears for the other recipients.

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