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Hide Inactive Users

I have had people leave the practice, I have students going through and each time I have to allow them access to PF.
Now, my list of inactive is so long, when I go to look for an active user I have to go through this long list. I understand that I can't eliminate them since they have signed things that are permanent records but would like to 'hide' them so they aren't on the list all the time, like when I go to schedule screen. I know how to inactivate them from the tutorial.

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Ms Myra Howard shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Ms Cindy Clark commented  · 

    Another solution would be to sort the list of providers with the active ones first followed by the inactive (both sections should be listed alphabetically). That way you can tell where the active list ends and the inactive begins. All users would still be listed.

  • Mrs Jennifer Nelson commented  · 

    This has to be an easy fix, this would be so wonderful if you can make inactive users hidden. I have many, many students, residents and interns that come through my practice each year and it is simply too many providers to search through when scheduling is occurring. If all inactive were hidden that would make so many ladies/and men at front desk through out the country so happy.

  • Dr Chandra Shekar commented  · 

    We would like not to see staff members as providers for the office when patients try to schedule appointments. I have inactivated students, and patients could choose them still while trying to book appointments, kindly help us limit our list of providers.

  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    Provider list management is a definite problem. Definitely need to be able to hide inactive providers. This is a really HUGE problem. Only active users should show up on pick lists.

  • Dr John Wikle commented  · 

    yes - this would be an obvious improvement

  • Dr. McCullough commented  · 

    Provider list management is a definite problem. We have multiple provider names because one was listed incorrectly. we also have students and having the list of providers that you have to choose from just keeps growing. This is a really HUGE problem. I like the idea of having only active providers on the list.

  • Mrs Theresa Parmer commented  · 

    We need additional colors (we have two physicians with the same color. Can we delete the inactive physicians... This is going to be difficult to keep them separate under the same color identity

  • Ms Janet Hoover commented  · 

    I have found that one can still send a PF message to an inactive employee. We have a former employee and active employee with similar names. If the inactive didn't show up then there isn't the risk of an important message being sent in error to the wrong individual.

    Thank you!

  • Jennifer commented  · 

    This would be very helpful to update! When our practice goes through the tasks, the list of providers that populates when "All Provider" is selected is very long and not useful! Same goes for the schedule. I really wish non-active users were hidden. If there becomes an instance where we need to use a non active user we should be able to manually find them.

  • Mrs Pam Zaft commented  · 

    When a clinical document is created for referrals, the document lists users throughout the practice. It includes users who are INACTIVE or are STAFF members. Just having the referring physician appear or be an assignable action would be better.

    Please and Thank YOu!

  • IT Girl commented  · 

    Please enable an option to inactive/hide providers at the New Appointment provider's drop down list. The list contain all the users and in our facility we only schedule appointment to only 6 physicians.

  • Dayna Ross commented  · 

    Currently, when you are in the task section viewing unsigned encounters, you can pick a provider. However, when you drop down the list it includes ANYONE who has ever worked here, and they are no longer alphabetized. I would like the opportunity to edit that list, or at the very least make it active employees only, and to have them alphabetized again.

  • Mrs Dinah Olson commented  · 

    Please remove inactive users from messaging list, time consuming to scroll through and increased risk of error wrong person chosen from list.

  • Keely Godwin, MD commented  · 

    Have there been any updates or has there been any progress on this? Again, an easy fix would be just to eliminate inactive users from being part of the schedule or the messaging process. I understand that you want to keep the users included, particularly if they've done any activities in the EMR, but the inconvenience is that they still show up in areas where we don't want/need them (specifically messaging and the schedule).

  • Dr Carl Flor MD commented  · 

    When I do Tasks , the drop down list of provides is 20+ names long.
    I only have 5 ACTIVE people on PF, Yet the list has people whom have not been here in 2 years. We have medical students who are he for a short time, are marked inactive, yet still appear on list.
    Active people are randomly placed in the list so one must sort through the entire list.

  • Dr Carl Flor MD commented  · 

    As others had said, I have medical students coming through for short periods. After they leave and are inactivated, their names still pop up on drop down list. These list keep growing, 20-30 names and i only have 5 permanent workers.

  • Ms Elizabeth Boyce commented  · 

    We have inactive users, but they still appear in the Providers list which is very confusing when in the Schedule trying to change colors for providers, etc.

  • Dr Mitchell Folbe commented  · 

    Take the inactive patients off the lists too. A patient was added into the system twice. I made one of them inactive. I uploaded a document and tried to add it into the patient's chart--both charts came up. That shouldn't happen.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    agree how to get rid of inactive users

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