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Hide Inactive Users

I have had people leave the practice, I have students going through and each time I have to allow them access to PF.
Now, my list of inactive is so long, when I go to look for an active user I have to go through this long list. I understand that I can't eliminate them since they have signed things that are permanent records but would like to 'hide' them so they aren't on the list all the time, like when I go to schedule screen. I know how to inactivate them from the tutorial.

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Ms Myra Howard shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Susan commented  · 

    Please, please if the Admin user makes a user Inactive they should no longer show on the ever growing list when a message is sent or when a schedule is blocked, etc. Our physicians are getting very frustrated with this.
    Please fix this.

  • Jason Goft commented  · 

    It is both time consuming and inaccurate to have inactive users listed under the messaging option. When a Doctor wants to send a message to the office staff, they have to weed through ex employees both cluttering the system as well as creating potential inaccuracies.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    their are some times that some things should be deleted, with employee's coming and going, things like that

  • Mrs Anita Powell commented  · 

    Agree with many of these comments. We too have volunteers and have many students coming through. We are only a practice of two but our list is getting longer and longer.

  • Brad R commented  · 

    I agree, this is a major issue with our practice.

    1) Inactive users should not show up on any list.. scheduling, or otherwise. Unchecking them every time each active user starts their day is not a solution. This needs to be something the admin users should be able to control practice wide.
    2) Admin users should be able to control who shows up practice wide as a "Provider". It is ridiculous that we have to scroll through every staff member and select the provider when scheduling appointments. There should be a way so that only Physicians, NP's, or PA's and who show up as providers, not every MA or other staff member.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We have many volunteers who have had access under their names before we knew they could not be deleted later. Please let us have a way to delete those who never signed off on any records.

  • Keely Godwin, MD commented  · 

    It's sort of ridiculous when we are reassigning tasks in the task list that we have to scroll through all of these inactive users to find the user we're hoping for. Particularly since there are no keyboard shortcuts (typing the first letter to get to that name in the list).

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree, once the person left, and we set them to inactive, their user color code should be removed too. We all are teaching site, We need to frequent add user and hide user. Please correct this issue all in once.

  • Dr Mark Willenbring commented  · 

    Agree, this is a major problem. One potential easy fix for the schedule: make the edits saved. Now, every day I have to edit the the schedule to get rid of inactive users. It would be nice to only do this once.

    In addition, it's really important to be able to not have to deal with inactive users/staff at all, with an option to make that possible.

  • Dr Zohra Siddiqi commented  · 

    I agree it looks like a big cluttered mess on the side of the chart.

  • Ms Lorna Hardy commented  · 

    I was just told the fix for this problem. Go to USERS and hit EDIT. See the box that says "Inactive Users"? Uncheck that box. Then click DONE at the top of that box.
    This will make the Inactive Users not show on your list. Hope this helps!

  • Ms Cordelia Murphy commented  · 

    Especially the schedule screen. We spend a lot of time scrolling through people who are no longer here.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    There is no reason to have past employees on any list. We should not have to have any work arounds for this either. The user is no longer here and should not show up.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    The location that gives me the biggest issue is under "Order Lab" or "order radiology". Staff members generally create these for the Dr and at the end of the order, the ordering physician and primary physician needs to be changed (it defaults to the person creating it). Why the INACTIVE users come up first is beyond me. We have to scroll past a plethora of inactive users to get to the active users. It may seem like it isn't a big deal but when it slows the work flow of the ridiculous hoops we must jump through now, it IS a big deal.

  • Dr. Martie Blue commented  · 

    Everybody has learned how to "hit the inactive" button to "make them inactive". We need to stop them from showing up on the schedule screen. This MUST be fixed soon or we are not going to find this worth it at all. Too time consuming to scroll through everybody alive and dead! Thank you.

  • Cindy Roseberry commented  · 

    yes please... inactives users and inactive employess

  • Mrs Dinah Olson commented  · 

    Yes please get rid of inactive users on the "to" field for messages.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It is so frustrating having to scroll past MANY inactive users to get to the active users in several fields. At the very least, put the active users at the TOP of the menu! It makes no sense that the inactive users appear first.

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