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Allow for hiding and reordering of chart note sections

In the current encounter form, vital signs and reason of visit are separated from the encounter note by a large number of sections. Please make it possible for doctor to modify the encounter and choose which information from patient's pmh to include in the note and which not to.

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Dr Raisa Mitelman shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Edward Taubman commented  · 

    Just a reminder that we really would like to be able to reorder; 99% of the time we wish to go to the actual SOAP but will all be getting carpal tunnel scrolling through all the other sections that we might wish to see on occasion

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would also like the ability to delete flow sheet(s) from a patient's record.

  • Dr Mary Casals commented  · 

    Aside from the problem list, medications & future appts., the most important elements for the Summary Page include a link to the labs, imaging studies, and consultations, procedures or hospital notes with corresponding names of associated physicians. I wish the chart can be organized in order to help us avoid searching from one page to another.

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    But can we choose how to SEQUENCE the sections? Don't think so. Will this ever be possible?

  • Glenn M. Ihde commented  · 

    When we open an encounter we have to search through the rest of the information to get to the soap note entry. Can we put this at the top of the window so we don't have to scroll down each time?

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    I think the questioner is stating that users may want to change the order of the sections so that note is nearer the top instead of many sections below. Will this ever be possible_that users can choose what sequence they want their sections to flow in? Thank you.

  • Mindy commented  · 

    Psychotherapy providers do not take patient's vital signs but they do use the SOAP format to chart their encounters. Does anyone know how I can get the empty vital signs boxes to not print at the top of the printed encounter form? Any help with this would be appreciated.

  • Lorraine commented  · 

    It would also be great if we could customize what prints on the encounters because we would prefer the Rx list be included and also we sometimes (e.g. Medical Surgical Clearance visits) want the PMH included on the encounter as well

  • Dr Dawn Whelchel commented  · 

    Please allow customization of the order the sections are displayed

  • Glaucoma Doc commented  · 

    Thank you very much! Great improvement!
    I would also suggest that we be able to hide/disable certain parts of the PMH section (I NEVER document nutritional history or developmental history, for example).

    Also, on a related note, when copying PMH into the encounter note, I always use "Add all," and it copies EVERYTHING from the PMH (even the empty sections, saying "not recorded"). It just clutters my note. I'd rather it just "add" whatever WAS recorded.

  • Lucy Hornstein commented  · 

    Half-way there! Yay for hiding unused sections, especially those that are duplicated (Social history, family history, and free text Allergies already show up in PMH.)

    Can't wait for re-ordering, which will let me bring the Note to the top...which is where it belongs.

  • Dr Tariq Patel commented  · 

    Re-ordering sections in the Note would be great! It would be great to able to see Vitals and CC at a quick glance when writing our SOAP note.

  • Subrato Ghosh commented  · 

    That will make it more user friendly and save plenty of time. This will enable people to use their own complete template.

  • patty shipley commented  · 

    yes please allow this feature asap! my work flow is much less efficient now that I have to search for the right fields among so many

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