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Print multiple medications at once

Currently I have to put the prescription paper back in the printer upside down so i can get 2 prescriptions on the page. It would fit four to a page if I could print one in each corner.

I also have to cut them apart before I hand them to the patient because there are no boxes so technically they are not separate prescriptions from a regulatory perspective. If they had boxes around each, the pharmacy or the patient could cut them apart themselves and that would save me a minute. The big hospital chain in my area does this and the local pharmacies cut them apart at the drop-off window.

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ariel shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Dr Kelvin Gonzalez-Soto commented  · 

    Let us print multiple Rxs in one page. Not only one Rx per page. All other EHR's have this feature.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    if you print to fit page and select 4 on 1 then 4 scripts will print on 1 page

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Inability do print multiple prescriptions on a single page is a deal breaker for me. I keep checking to see if you've fixed this issue because I love the program otherwise.

  • Angel Diaz commented  · 

    This will be a very good improvement to PF. It is not feasible to print prescriptions the way it is today, one med/page. Most patients have 4 or more medications per script and that means 4+ pages every time.
    The labs order could be an example of how it would be a better way, or there are othe EHRs that already do print multiple prescriptions in a single page that might be use as model.

  • Dr Peter Kim commented  · 

    This may not be the correct forum, but in the spirit of printing prescriptions.....

    I would like to see a solution with the ability to use a Star TSP800(or newer) printer to utilize THERMAL RX PAPER with seamless compatibility.

    I understand that the whole world would like to see us use the electronic version of prescriptions, but some patients still prefer to take their prescriptions to the pharmacy. The option to print after an electronic transmission would be great.

    Above all, I would like to see the THERMAL PRINTER interface to be effective.

    I agree that printing one prescription per page is wasteful, there are perforated prescription papers available and we should have the option to print up to four prescriptions for a letter paper sized printer.

    Thank you.

  • Dr Phan commented  · 

    This is such a huge issue for me. if I am unable to print multiple meds on one 8x11 Rx special paper than i will continue to write meds on normal RX pads.
    This has caused many pharmacist and patients to loathe me, not to mention my staff
    i go through 500 rx pads a month.

    having this feature will save me not only money but the scathing glares i get from my community who have to fill my prescriptions lol


    ps i know what you are all thinking. Escript direct to Rx is the answer. however alot of people want a physcical Rx, especially older fashioned folk. whom are 90% of my patient base.

    just sayin

  • David Afanador commented  · 

    When printing out the prescription it will be great if you can ADD an "PRINT ALL IN ONE SHEET" instead of printing 10-15 pages of medications and signing each one! This is very necessary for controlled medications, etc. This will save time and money, not to mention paper and the environment! Thank you!

  • Dr Kara Emerson commented  · 

    Please please please create the ability to print up to four prescriptions on one sheet. (sitting here with a box of expensive Rx paper with the perforations). All prior EMR systems I've used had this capability. Thank you!

  • Dan Woodard commented  · 

    At least get rid of the check in the "fit to page" checkbox

  • A. Willis commented  · 

    It would be extremely helpful to be able to e-scribe and print multiple prescriptions at one time. I hope you will be able to implement this soon.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is is a no brainer. I am sure Practice Fusion can find a solution to this relatively quickly (I hope, please). I have a lot of ADHD patients who ROUTINELY need 2 RX printed and this is not only a convenience but a cost issue for RX paper. 4 on one is available thru my current EMR.

  • Margaret commented  · 

    Yes this is a huge inconvenience and a waste of resources and time with just one script per page. Is there a way to print 4 on one?

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