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Free text search of Patient Chart Notes

If I'm looking for a note where we talked about a certain thing, right now I have to search each note individually. This takes a long time. I'd like to search all of the notes at once.

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ariel shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Dr Samuel Sharmat commented  · 

    This is so crucial. For all the reasons stated by the other doctors but also for searching for hospital names, referrer names, and more. Please create free text search of the EHR.

  • Peter R. Cohen MD commented  · 

    I strongly recommend a search engine to look up details, such as the name of MD's, PhD's other professionals mentioned in patient's notes, when I can't recall the patient's name but recall a professional's name.

  • Bob Lizer MD commented  · 

    This is still needed. I want to check and see if i've discussed a specific treatment option, side effect, or symptom in prior notes

  • Anthony Riley commented  · 

    I'd also like to be able to search all my patient charts for a word or text. For instance, I recently read an article on endometriosis. Only a couple of my patients suffer from that, but I can't remember who. I should be able to have a search function that will pull up those two charts as they're the only ones with that word in them.

  • Dr Barbara Reeve MD commented  · 

    Please, please create this feature. It would save the provider (me) a huge amount of time.

  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    search chart notes would be a cool feature. Search for a specific word anywhere in the patient's chart, or in a specified section such as S O A or P

  • Dr. Deirdre Orceyre commented  · 

    I agree, to search for a patient with a certain diagnosis, a certain treatment, etc. So we can see all patients with those things in a list.

  • Candace McNaughton commented  · 

    Currently, you have a search box which appears at the upper left when you have an individual visit open. But when you are in Summary or Timeline, the Search box is not there. A very common thing is that while the patient is talking, you need to check previous visits for something ("Did we do x?" "When did we do x?"). They keep talking while you do this and saying things that you need to document. You need to be able to very quickly reference past visits and if you don't know which one you have to go through all of them. While the patient is still talking with other information.
    If that Search box could search the whole chart it would save having to open and close every visit.

  • Dr Jason Winston commented  · 

    Please allow the patient's records to be searched. Sometimes I want to check if a patient mentioned in the past being on another medicine or had a specific symptom or issue. It would be convenient to search for keywords within their record.

  • Antonino DiMarco commented  · 

    If I am in a patient chart, I may want to know If he/she ever had an HGA1c or not; if he ever had an echocardiography or not, if he ever had an H & P (for hospital admission) for GI bleeding.
    The search should initiate by applying the appropriate filter, then should at least focuse on the title of an item, or the content of Chief complaint.
    It is not acceptable that so much pretious time is spent in scrolling through hundreds of encounters or Labs results.
    Tasks should show at least de details seen in the Timeline. Right now they only show office visits without any other clue on the items unless you open each one. And yet one would be helped by knowing what has to be finished first!

  • Antonino DiMarco commented  · 

    Search capability to immediately find specific items in a given patient chart. It should include a way to search in encounters for some specific content one is looking for. Or in Labs, the specific type of test one wants to find, such as Lipids, or TSH, or EGFR etc

  • ariel commented  · 

    I'd like to search for a single word or phrase, e.g. Prozac or "remission model"

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