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Advanced Templates: Dropdown Menus, Checkboxes, and Lists

I'd like template items with drop downs. This might look something like

Heart rate: [regular][irregular][??]
Orientation: [Alert and oriented x4][Disoriented to ??]

I would click on the line to add it to the chart just like with the current system. Using the heart rate line as an example, instead of typing "regular" I would tab to one of the three options (regular, irregular, or the option to type free text) and hit "enter" to produce the line with that option.

I think what most people are doing is something like this:

Heart rate: ??
Orientation: ??

This makes you free text everything and it takes a long time especially with all the moving between mouse and keyboard .

What I'm doing now is a little faster, but still not ideal:

Heart rate: regular
Heart rate: irregular
Heart rate: ??
Orientation: Alert and oriented x4
Oritentation: Disoriented to ??

It takes a very long time to write a new template this way especially if there are items with ten options. I have to write ten lines for that option. Then there's a lot of scrolling when I'm actually writing the note since the template gets far too long to fit on the screen.

From past experience I can say a lousy template with dropdowns can make charting several times faster than a well written template without dropdowns, not even including the speed of writing the template compared to what I'm doing now.

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  • Mrs Jessica Whelan commented  · 

    Yes checklists would be super helfpul. Currently I have to have little brackets for my ROS and put little x's in between the brackets. IF I want to change it, then I have to delete the x and place it somewhere else on the next visit and it is SUPER time consuming. If I want it to be Bold to stand out as an abnormal, then I have to select each word I want bolded...and there are a bunch of unecessary words and brackets. It would be much easier to have checklists within certain sections. 2) Another type of checklist that would be helpful would be a patient checklist that ensures that certain procedures for the practice are always done by certain staff members...That way you can make sure that your staff did everything like get the demographics, check benefits, add pharmacy info, got new patient paperwork, made sure paperwork was signed....and so on and it could add initials of staff by the tasks they completed so you know who may or may not have completed the information that is necessary for running a practice.

  • ATN commented  · 

    The ability to create custom drop downs is an essential part of other EHRs. Please implement ASAP.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Would love to be able to create our own custom "checklist of symptoms" that could flow into future visits as well, and be added to just like the flowsheets for vitals. Then we could see them for 3 visits at a time, and add too for every visit. Currently can only use "what's there to choose from" and this does not include any thing that helps us understand how the patient is "feeling"

  • Veronica Walker commented  · 

    I think it would be nice to add templates that we could just use check marks to identify the the problems. Something like this for instance...General.
    _ malaise/fatigue
    _ chills/fever
    _ night sweats and so on.

  • STEFANIE POWELL commented  · 

    Please add the ability to customize charting templates the same way you're able to customize the Intake templates for client online check in. It would be a much more efficient way of charting if you were able to use drop down menus and radio buttons. Thank you!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Drop down box where choice can be selected like office visit or Nurse visit or Phone call etc.... but should be able to do in template free text.

  • HERMILO SIMON commented  · 

    Please add the ability to customize charting templates the same way you're able to customize the Intake templates for client online check in. It would be a much more efficient way of charting if you were able to use drop down menus and radio buttons. Thank you!

  • Dr Emily Frey commented  · 

    I agree with the idea of creating advanced templates - this is helpful for therapists as well. I would like the option of creating a note template with drop downs for data that I assess for every session (Mood, Affect, Safety, Interaction, Etc.) in addition to interventions. I would like to be able to input the drop down options and choose as I see fit. In addition, to being able to add subjective information. Thank you!

  • Ginger commented  · 

    The ability to create radio button items or check boxes in the templates would be extremely helpful and time-saving.

  • Donna Saterfiel commented  · 

    Radio buttons that the user could customize to chart abnormal findings would make it quicker to chart plus make it easier to make a template. For instance:
    Ears: Bilateral TMs are clear and canals are normal (then add a radio button underneath ears that the user could select to identify abnormal findings).
    Left TM inflammed, Right TM normal, canals inflammed.
    Right TM with fluid present, bulging. Left TM normal. Canals with cerumen.
    This would make a quick click of their mouse to select rather than deleting normal findings and add abnormal.
    The way the templates are now in order to get this process you have to type every organ system & make a normal and abnormal finding. This makes a template huge and very overwhelming when trying to use it.

  • Gary McCray commented  · 

    Please allow inclusion of checkboxes into template notes.

  • Travis brown commented  · 

    I agree completely.

    Also it is impractical to edit templates once they have been created.

    You end up spending 5 minutes moving the new template item up one page at a time.

    An easy fix for this would be to allow for insertion of new template items.

    Point and click boxes fore pertinent positive and negative in the ROS would save tons of time.

  • Jeff DeLisle MD commented  · 

    I dislike drop downs because of the necessity to scroll down a list of any length. Radio buttons, on the other hand, are an ideal option for many functions where checklist is appropriate- e.g. review of systems, examination findings, etc. The ?? function in templates is quite handy but impractical for those examples.
    I see the radio buttons are available for patient intake forms, so it seems it should be a natural for templates.

  • Dr Rahul Gor commented  · 

    I just saw a simple short form for pain created for a brief pain assessment in the S/IA area. This is similar to what we are asking, the ability to be able to click on a good ros, maybe created a better sh area (alcohol, drug use etc) and to make a much better note.
    If you are not careful with those ?? they become part of the chart notes and I can tell you from personal experience that a car accident claim called the (??) that practice fusion creates when signing the note. Please put this in, so we can all create a meaningful exchange of data that benefits everyone.

  • Debbie Clingingsmith commented  · 

    Yes, this would be great. Templates with checkboxes and drop downs would make it much easier than having multiple lines in a template that could be taken care of with 2 lines: one with the item and 1 line of checkboxes or with a drop down menu.

  • Adam Silberman commented  · 

    Really hoping a simple checkbox like that for intake template can be added soon. Not having it is a real barrier to my use.

  • Dr Domenick Masiello commented  · 

    check boxes or radio buttons for creating charting templates. Otherwise, the template are too long with an individual line for each option

  • Donna Saterfiel commented  · 

    Having radio buttons for charting templates would make our charting easier and quicker and allow for customization. Also making charting templates like the online demographics are done would be awesome. It is very easy.

  • Karen Barbosa commented  · 

    as it stands now I've got to paste

  • Dr Rahul Gor commented  · 

    In terms of templates, check lists are so invaluable. The tabs are unreliable and considered hit or miss. I was looking at the various elements that google forms have and it seems that these elements could be incorporated into a cohesive note that captures a better picture of the pt encouter

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