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Print ePrescribing Receipts

Please allow us to print eRX receipts in the new EHR. We practice in assisted living facilities (ALFs). We ePrescribe via PF eRX to the institutional pharmacies that service the ALFs. The ALFs themselves need a copy of the RX. The eRX receipt with VOID watermarked across in the old EHR was superb for this.

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  • Carissa commented  · 

    I still don't see where we are able to print receipts of refills and requests from the pharmacy.....anyone?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Need to print multiple eRx receipts on one page. The update only allows for one script

  • Mr Paul Garrett commented  · 

    printing refill approvals for pt verification.

  • Ms Ayla Ierardi commented  · 

    We need to print denials as well. We record notes about why it was denied and instructions for the pharmacist/patient.

  • Dr Amy Daniher commented  · 

    mdouglass.. you ask if someone is having trouble "printing successful eRx receipts?"
    is this an option?

  • Scott Weaner commented  · 

    I fully agree with this. Must be able to get a list of all eRx scripts sent. This will allow the receipt printing, and also allow better tracking.

  • aesMD commented  · 

    I have been printing ERx receipts by going to the Timeline and displaying the receipts through the Eprescribing area. After opening the receipts, you can hold the right mouse button down to select the entire prescription, then right click to print. This works with Chrome browser, and has been a good work around to print the receipts for us, although having a print button on the receipts page would be a lot easier.

  • Mary commented  · 

    I'm having trouble printing eRx receipts after approving refill request. We still keep hard copies in patient chart. I was able to print these in old EHR. This function is very important to our practice.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree with Lauren. I am having difficulty printing e prescription receipts. It was much easier in the previous version.

  • Barbara Matthews commented  · 

    Please allow us to print scripts in the new EHR!!!!!

  • Lauren commented  · 

    YES YES YES!! Precisely my thoughts. We are using the eRx feature of PF but have not fully transitioned to EHR-- every patient still has a paper chart, thus we need a receipt printed to show what was prescribed and when. Please bring back that feature from the old interface!

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