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Easier Navigation through Lab Results and Tasks

When we are going through timeline items (especially lab results), we have to go back to the Timeline, find the next lab result and continue hopping back and forth to view lab results.

It would be really helpful if there was the ability to click a 'next' and 'previous' button to go through lab results (and chart notes) easily instead of having to jump back and forth between results and the timeline tab.

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Josh Elder shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Mr Paul Algeo commented  · 

    It would also be very helpful to have a way to view your lab results based on "preliminary" status versus "final" status; and I don't mean complete as in labs one has signed off on, but rather complete/final as in all lab results have been reported for a particular lab order. As is, I have to stumble through partial labs results in order to find "final" lab results.


  • Ken Truong commented  · 

    Can we please get this feature soon. My work flow slows down a lot because I have to keep constantly go back to where I was.

  • Mark Schmitz commented  · 

    I would also like to see a Next and Previous button on documents so I can scan through the documents without having to open and close each one. Or better yet have the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard go to the next and previous lab, document, visit, etc.

  • Alan Levinstone MD commented  · 

    As I don’t do my own refills, I did not notice until today that when you do a refill, jump to the script dialog, then Deny/Accept, PF puts you back on the Task list with the refill in green. PERFECT! Then I can click the name and jump to the chart without a lookup. On the next click of the Task tab, the refill is gone. EXCELLENT!

    Unsigned Labs used to work that way. Open the lab, view, sign off, PF jumped back to the lab list placing the signed lab in green. I could click on the name and go to the chart without a further lookup. On the next click of the TASK tab, the lab would disappear. Now the lab disappears and I must hit Chart, find the name and open the chart.

    Please make the Unsigned Lab list work again like the Refill list currently works.

    Not to confuse the issue, but If it would help your programming, you could leave the signed labs in green without rewriting the list until the next time the user Selected Tasks which then would only show the unsigned labs.

  • DMFamMed commented  · 

    This is taking so much extra time- I am in a patient room - in my soap notes and the pt asks me about their bloodwork. then I have to go several steps - out of my subjective to the timeline and look for documents( most of my lab is uploaded) find the lab , open it and enlarge it. Then I go back to my objective- to document - then they ask me about the previous lab and I have to do the same thing again. Very time consuming - especially since I'm doing it in the patient room.

  • Antonino DiMarco commented  · 

    Navigating through encounter notes. Would be very helpfull if we could search prior encounter notes by using other terms beside soap or office visit. More descriptive terms or key word which we would assign when a note is created. As it is now there is no search at all to distinguish what the visit was about. Time Line just says OFFICE VISIT AND SOAP AND ONE HAS TO OPEN THE ENCOUNTER TO SEE ANY OTHER INFORMATION.

  • Antonino DiMarco commented  · 

    It is a major problem indeed. Other software offer a check box next to items one wants to open. Then the chosen items will open with a "next" button o clicking on direction arrows.
    would reduce the time to review 10 labs to about 1/10.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Absolutely! In fact, things like Lab Results, Imaging Results, and Documents (which often include a collection of faxed test results, specialist notes, etc.) should be much easier to get to. You could add tabs next to the Profile Tab for each of these, and once one of them is selected (i.e. a result is opened), a list of the dates of the other Labs (or Image Results or whatever is pertinent to the currently open document) should be shown and selectable. If only dates are shown, the space needed is minimal, and this would allow us to quickly go through a series of results with much less clicking and waiting !

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