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Improved Patient Searching

When you go to type in pt's name it would be nice for the name to automatically start coming up and then you choose the correct name cause now you have to type in there first and last name and if you do not spell it correctly it wont come up at all and then you have to x out of it go back on your main screen and find the correct spelling of the name then go back in and type it again

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Tina Martin shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Rita commented  · 

    For House Call providers it would be nice to have the ability to search patients by Zip code.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I sure would like to be able to search for a patient by their phone number. In this era of texting, so many folks assume I know who is texting based on their phone number

  • Ms Carla Stange commented  · 

    I would like to be able to search for charts by scrolling down an alphabetical list. This would be in addition to searching by name or DOB - sometimes charts do not show up and it's time consuming to manually scroll down through all the charts.

  • Dr Gershon Perry commented  · 

    Searching for a patient is hard in practice fusion because if they have a difficult name and it is spelled wrong, Practice Fusion will not recognize it and you have to start the process all over. Have more faster and efficient ways to search for a patient that includes a phone number.

  • Ms Valerie Grieve commented  · 

    We have encountered a ton of times where it would have been very beneficial to be able to search for a patient by there phone number. Often patients call and leave a message but they do not leave there name just a phone number, that is just one example.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would like to know how to do a search of all patients that have medicare as either a primary or their only insurance

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    How can I search for patient upcoming appointments? There is no search feature in the schedule and the chart summary only lists upcoming appointments for the next week. I need to be able to quickly find when the client is scheduled for an appointment when I get new labs or other data that needs follow up.

  • Ms Sara Dannebrock commented  · 

    To be able to search by a phone number. Patients will call and leave a message and we will have their phone number but we cannot understand their name. It would be helpful to search by a phone number.

  • Leyla Bozer commented  · 

    It would be very helpful to be able to search for a patient by phone number. Patients sometimes leave voicemails without their name, or their name is hard to hear, or sometimes they just leave a first name, and we can't tell who it is. They rarely leave a date of birth, but most of the time they do leave a callback number.

  • Ms Rebekah Nelson commented  · 

    It would be very helpful to have the search feature by phone number for those patients who call in and leave an indecipherable phone message.

  • Dr Agnieszka Pluta commented  · 

    It would be very helpful to be able to type the cell phone number in and find a patient this way.
    Agnieszka Pluta
    Montrose Peds GI

  • Mrs Melissa Folk commented  · 

    When a patient's last name changes, we would like to be able to search the patient by new and old last name. Currently the old last name is untraceable.

  • Dr ebrahim ahmadi commented  · 

    It will be much faster to search a patient if in patient list be one click to search. Now requires multiple click and each mistake takes does not work and has to go back to beginning. thanks

  • Mrs Diane Nelson commented  · 

    A "find by phone number" would sure be useful from time to time

  • Alejandro commented  · 

    Yes please predictive search under patients would help... having to x-out every search we do is a bit over complicated and sometimes it seems that does not work.

  • Dr Richard Kaiser commented  · 

    It would be great to discover which patients need an annual visit - who has not yet been seen this year. Can we search for last date of service in 2014?

  • Mrs Di W commented  · 

    When you search for a patient you enter in your info. Once you've finished with that patient and save out of the chart, you come back to that search section. It would be nice if your search remained, and all the family members still appeared until you manually "x" out. Rather than losing your search information just because you got out of the patient's chart.

  • Dr Douglas Haas commented  · 

    To search for a new patient chart requires deleting the previous search first. Time would be saved if this could just refresh to a blank box after each search

  • Heather commented  · 

    I dislike that, when returning to the "patient lists" page after searching for a patient, that the search bar doesn't clear/reset automatically. So you have to "x" out the previous name and wait for it to clear before you can search for a new patient. I realize this only takes a few seconds, but its still annoying when you are in a hurry and searching for several patients at a time.

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