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Improved Patient Searching

When you go to type in pt's name it would be nice for the name to automatically start coming up and then you choose the correct name cause now you have to type in there first and last name and if you do not spell it correctly it wont come up at all and then you have to x out of it go back on your main screen and find the correct spelling of the name then go back in and type it again

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Tina Martin shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Amanda D. commented  · 

    I want to be able to search for a patient by their phone number. Sometimes a phone message does not have a clear name or date of birth, but the phone number is easy to understand. This would make tracking down the subject of the phone message much easier.

  • Mr Jack Huang commented  · 

    It would be great if we can search for patient with phone number, address or special note. (For example XXX's mother.) Some of my patient doesn't speak clear English when they call, but if i can search the patient by phone number, then I can use the information from caller ID to find out who this person is.

  • Linnea Phillips commented  · 

    When patient names come up, I would like to see the doctor that they see so that I can enter them into the provider field without searching for it.

  • Joy Geyman commented  · 

    When searching for a chart, the results contain the name and address but including the last DOS would be helpful.

  • Ms Debra Johnson commented  · 

    Most patients are reluctant to provide their SSN or do not know their PRN. We would like to suggest adding CELL option to the drop down search box.

  • Ms Leah Benard commented  · 

    It would be nice if when you are searching for a patient & they have spelled their name out for you that it would keep the name when you actually need to add them. When you go to the add patient it starts with a fresh screen & then you have to ask them to spell their name again. Annoying for both of us & wastes time.

  • Ms Ann Ross commented  · 

    I would also to have the middle name show up when searching for a patients name.

  • Mrs Dinah Olson commented  · 

    MD would like record number to appear before SSN when searching

  • Massarat Asrar commented  · 

    Patient search should be possible with only one click

  • Valerie commented  · 

    The old system has a better feature when searching for patient by name. If a name was misspelled, PF would suggest patients with similar names. With the new PF system, a misspelled name won't find a patient at all.

    Also, you should be allowed to search for the patient by last name only.

  • Allison Ewer commented  · 

    The pt search is more awkward now than it was in the old version. I would like being able to search by fewer digits on DOB as in the past. Also, being able to search by phone number would be helpful.

    Many of our workers continue to have difficulty with the pt search feature. It's confusing and not really very intuitive.

  • Dr. Jacob B. Goldstein commented  · 

    Why is it that there is a limit of only four patients that can be up on the search bar? After four, you have to delete each one in order to search for another patient. Having a list of patients to bring up in order to do charting makes this limitation a little annoying. We can have many (maybe limitless) patient charts up at a time, but only four in a search bar.

  • Kenneth Jeppesen commented  · 

    When I search for the preferred name of a client, it turns up no results. It can be hard to find clients when you forget their name that you never use. It would be great to have that feature added.

  • Mrs Patricia Folsom commented  · 

    there are times when a pt. will leave a message and their accent is so strong we cannot understand their name but we most times can understand their phone number or our answering service records phone numbers that are it would be great to be able to search by phone number - we did that in our old system and works great!

  • Dawn Frank commented  · 

    It takes too long to find patients. I think there should be a button on the schedule page to find patients quick and easy.

  • Ms Carri Powell commented  · 

    It was great that you added the preferred name, however, it would be nice if it showed up in the name search as well as the top blue bar. Right now, the only way to see it would be by adding it to first name box. So, when making appointments or bringing up the chart, you have to actually open the chart to find the preferred name. If a I called in and said this is CJ Powell - but my name comes up as Carri Powell - how would the other person know what to search unless I gave them my actual name? I thought using my name would be a good example.

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    I think the chart profile should include "Preferred Name" which would allow the Nickname or Name the patient actually uses, e.g. Alex for Alexander, etc; and this name also be searchable to find the patient. I have learned that using quotes "_" blocks the Nickname from being searched. You could make quotes INVISIBLE to the search feature, so that the first name could be entered: Alexander "Alex", so that the search would find the patient with either entry_Alexander or Alex (quotes invisible to the EHR). Don't most professionals remember there patients' by the names they are actually called?? thank you.

  • David commented  · 

    The knowledge base states that we can search by various fields:
    First, Last Name
    Patient Record Number
    Date of Birth
    Contact information (address, home and mobile phone numbers)
    Time/Date that chart was last accessed.

    However, we can only search by DOB, Name, SSN, or PRN. Please add the search capability for other fields such as address, phone/cell, and others for which the knowledge base incorrectly states we can enter as search parameters.

  • Merrick commented  · 

    Please include the ability to export more specific data from the database. Such as emails so the provider can send helpful newsletters, etc. The current process is way too time consuming. Thanks!

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