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Improved Patient Searching

When you go to type in pt's name it would be nice for the name to automatically start coming up and then you choose the correct name cause now you have to type in there first and last name and if you do not spell it correctly it wont come up at all and then you have to x out of it go back on your main screen and find the correct spelling of the name then go back in and type it again

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Tina Martin shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Dr R J Fury commented  · 

    Please allow for searching for active patients only. Have a check box for searching for inactive patients in the schedule screen. I am getting old inactive patients frequently and even deceased patients.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Agreed. Currently, it's just inefficient. When will this be available?

  • Mrs Lana Raginsky commented  · 

    We are a housecall practice and it's essential for us to be able to search by city patients live in. So when dr hoes to one city , we can check to see what other housecall patients are waiting for appointment in the same city. I have used other emr before and it was always an available search criteria. Pls make it happen.

  • Tari Martin commented  · 

    This is very needed now that we are switched over to the new system! Please advise.

  • Glaucoma Doc commented  · 

    Agreed. Should suggest names as soon as you start typing a name, first or last name.

  • Ariel commented  · 

    I'd like search to start when I start typing, without a need to hit "enter" to search.
    I'd like to be able to sort by initials.
    I'd like to be able to sort by date of most recent note.

  • Alan Levinstone MD commented  · 

    The Chart search was just changed. For example I typed in “a ab” and got 2 patients. If I select one of them, do some work, then click Patient Lists, formerly PF still showed “Name a ab” in the search box. I could hit x to do another search without PF loading the Scheduled or Recent lists.

    Now as soon as you click x one of those lists load. Most likely I do not need any of this names. I am calling back a phone message or a lab. I now have to wait for a list to load that do not need before I can type in the name I really need to search for.

    Please roll back this change. Efficiency counts!

  • k commented  · 

    M Connery, I like the initials idea. Its an added benefit to the issue of spelling names incorrectly.

  • Dr ebrahim ahmadi commented  · 

    Search by either name, med #, SS# or DOB is faster if is automatic not by design. Please make it smart to find the pt either way that enters into search box even if the spelling is not perfect. Thanks.

  • S Syed commented  · 

    In the old EHR the chart section allowed patients to be sorted by patient record number (prn), could this be added again to the new EHR, then I can sort patients by PRN and I know what number then next new patient should be listed as.

  • Rhonda Roy commented  · 

    I would like to be able to search by patient number (medical record number) so I can determine what number to use next, ie., If I look for 28, all patients with the first 2 numbers of 28 will pop up so I'll see which 280+ number is the next one for my new patient.

  • Marc Connery commented  · 

    we use to be able to search for patients by just putting in their initials since that was the start of the medical record number. Now this can't be done, please bring it back.

  • Ms Kathy Marrella commented  · 

    When scanning and adding appointments stop showing all inactive and deceased pts. They don't come up in a regular search but for scanning and appointment you have to put in patients full name so 50 names don't come up.

  • Josh Elder commented  · 

    I would really like it that when assigning lab results to a patient or assigning uploaded documents to a patient, to have the ability to hide inactive patients.

    When you have old inactive patients with the same or similar names to current patients, it often times requires us to exit the documents screen, search the patient, enter the chart and determine which of the 2 charts the document actually belongs.

    Causes a lot of confusion. We don't need to see inactive patients when uploading documents or assigning labs.

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