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Change SOAP note type to "No Show" if patient cancels or no-shows

Currently, when a patient is a no show or has cancelled their appt, we can see this under the Appointment tab.
However, when the appt is generated, it creates an encounter. As the appt is no longer valid, the dr still has to go in and sign off on this to take it out of their task list.
Because we track these no-shows and cancellations, we do not delete them. I would like the option under the encounter to list the "Encounter Type" as a No-Show or Cancellation. (Currently I use "Letter" and put information on the no-show of cancellation in the complaint field. There is nothing else more appropriate to use) Also in the "Note Type" you have the option for Cancelled Appt. Can you also list No-show?

We are trying to keep this from going against the meaningful use numbers...

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Ms Kathleen Mancini shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Nina responded  · 

Hi everyone – As of 1/19/2017, we have introduced a new schedule setting to all practices that allows administrators to determine if encounters will be auto-generated for appointments marked as cancelled or no-show.

You can read more about schedule settings here:

We have also introduced a new Appointment Report that allows practices to review and filter appointments by facility, status, provider, and date, making it easier to track cancellations, no shows, and other scheduling details.

You can read more about the new Appointment Report here:


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We have the same issue and what we have been doing is if the patient cancels on the schedule we put a note in the note box and cut and paste it the go into the encounter and record it as the chief complaint. It is alot of steps for a cancellation so I think this would be a great idea especially if PF could make it so the encounter generates when the patient is arrived and not at the appt time

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    My practice uses the "no show", "cancelled" and the generated encounter (unsigned and signed) for Quality Improvement statistics- Are we growing, shrinking and how behind is the provider in documemtation/billing?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    yes, no encounter should be generated for no show or cancellation

  • donna commented  · 

    We Agree! Our physician has to click on SOOOO many of these per week and actually open EACH cancelled chart because it is listed as a SOAP note. I agree with what someone else said....put it in past appointments and mark as cancelled or no show, but leave it OUT of the main chart. Also, any way to flag chronic no-shows?

  • Dr Ilka Rodriguez commented  · 

    This is a good idea. Since the Cancelled app stays in the Patient Summary we know is not a real encounter. What I will add to this idea is a feature in Appointment in which the staff could see previous App made by the same patient, Cancelled or No show,etc. In this way we can identify patients with repetitively no shows or cancelled. The staff is aware of the tendency of the patient to make app and no show.

  • Dr Ramesh Ragothaman commented  · 

    when a patient cancels or no shows an encounter is still generated which we have to go back and delete. this is a waste of time .
    Should be easy enough not to create an encounter when patient no shows or cancels

  • Dr Helen Lee commented  · 


  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please fix this ASAP!! Not only does it create additional work on our end, but it causes lots of confusion when printing out notes if it happens to get missed and goes out as a blank encounter.

  • Dr Lucia Benzoni commented  · 

    Currently when you mark a patient as missed, it creates a note, which messes up our billing. If we just delete the note, we can not keep track of patients who regularly miss. We would like to have it where if you mark someone as missed, it will keep track of the missed appointment, but will not create a note.

  • Mrs Jennifer Bowman commented  · 

    I'm glad I'm not alone on this. How but don't generate an encounter unless I physically go in to chart a note.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree with the problem of no-shows. I would like to have a way of keeping a record of the no-shows ointment and to avoid having to sign these chart as encounters.

  • Ms Nora Lewitus commented  · 

    No encounter should be made since we did not see the patient. It should just show under the appointment section "No show" or "Canceled" with NO encounter formed.

  • Ms Tannesia Petersen commented  · 

    Yes, we need this feature ASAP! Our providers are less likely to respond to important tasks in the task list when it is filled with cx/no-show encounters. It is not an efficient use of their time.

  • Mel commented  · 

    Yes I was this also

  • Dr Eiyass Albeiruti commented  · 

    There should be some sort of "other" category (possibly customizable) under Encounter Type that we can use for "no show" and "cancelled" notices, because we don't want them to count against meaningful use numbers by using "Office Visit" Encounter type along with "no show" Note type, as I'm currently doing.

  • Debbie Clingingsmith commented  · 

    Yes, I want this too. It creates double work to either delete or notate the empty encounter.

  • Dr Omer Masood commented  · 

    It is very counter-productive when Practice Fusion creates a chart note for patients marked on the schedule as No-Show or Cancelled. A chart note should not be created in these circumstances - ONLY when the patient arrives. I need to spend extra time going into charts to delete chart notes created on no-shows and cancelled patients.

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