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Change SOAP note type to "No Show" if patient cancels or no-shows

Currently, when a patient is a no show or has cancelled their appt, we can see this under the Appointment tab.
However, when the appt is generated, it creates an encounter. As the appt is no longer valid, the dr still has to go in and sign off on this to take it out of their task list.
Because we track these no-shows and cancellations, we do not delete them. I would like the option under the encounter to list the "Encounter Type" as a No-Show or Cancellation. (Currently I use "Letter" and put information on the no-show of cancellation in the complaint field. There is nothing else more appropriate to use) Also in the "Note Type" you have the option for Cancelled Appt. Can you also list No-show?

We are trying to keep this from going against the meaningful use numbers...

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Ms Kathleen Mancini shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Nina responded  · 

Hi everyone – As of 1/19/2017, we have introduced a new schedule setting to all practices that allows administrators to determine if encounters will be auto-generated for appointments marked as cancelled or no-show.

You can read more about schedule settings here:

We have also introduced a new Appointment Report that allows practices to review and filter appointments by facility, status, provider, and date, making it easier to track cancellations, no shows, and other scheduling details.

You can read more about the new Appointment Report here:


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  • William Holland commented  · 

    When I mark "no show" on the schedule it generates an encounter then when I (or any reviewer) look back through the encounters it just looks like I forgot to document anything on an encounter. No good.

  • Ms jayne kalenits commented  · 

    also if patient has cancelled appt prior to appt, this appt may show cancelled but also prints out, which is needless waste of toner. yes we need to account for cancelled appts which needs to show in chart no on the schedule.

  • Keely Godwin, MD commented  · 

    Has there been any progress on this or is this in the works? It's really frustrating that when a patient cancels an appointment, it generates a SOAP note that winds up in a task list. The same with No-shows. I love that we can still see in the appointment list when appts are cancelled or no-show, but I don't understand why it generates a note.

  • Gabrielle Donatelli commented  · 

    When an appointment has been cancelled on the schedule, it would be nice to have the encounter delete so it does not stay open, otherwise you then have to go to the encounter and delete it, too many extra steps.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is becoming an issue for us. We should have the option to turn off automatic encounters for cancelled and no show appointments. Our providers do not have time to mess with them but also don't want them junking up their task lists. Please address ASAP!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree, there should be no show appointment encounter which keeps documentation. At the same time it should not create a separate soap note encounter which makes denominator for meaningful use higher with incomplete notes and documentation.

  • Shawn commented  · 

    Agreed, would prefer the option not to create an encounter for a cancellation or no-show, but leave the appt in the list since we track cancellations and no-shows as well.

    Our providers find this one of the most annoying aspects of PF, and since only physician-level staff members can delete encounters, it adds an unnecessary burden on their time. It makes the task list very long and unwieldy, and can take a long time to load.

  • Dr Bruce Nguyen commented  · 

    every time pt is no show, we have to delete the encounter manually, consuming precious time.

  • Mr Angel Diaz commented  · 

    On previous version of PF EHR, when the appt was changed from Pending to Arrived, the system provides to create the encounter and if patient cancel or no show, the encounter was not created automatically. With new version, the encounter (SOAP) is created inmeditately we select Arrived, even for custom created appointment types, which sometimes doesn't requires a SOAP, for example, if a patient is coming to a surgical procedure we don't create a SOAP, just a single note.
    I think that users must have the option to create or not the SOAP on each appointmet, as was previously.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    No SOAP note for No shows or Cancels.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    When a patient cancels, it used to automatically enter the reason they canceled into the subjective portion of the SOAP note. When the system updated a couple months ago, it stopped doing this. It's nice to be able to keep track of canceled appointments, but it would be great and much less time consuming if you simply brought back that feature to solve the problem of the EHR creating an encounter for a canceled appointment that needs to be signed.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    When a patient cancels, it used to enter the reason they canceled into the subjective portion of the SOAP note. When the system updated a couple months ago, it stopped doing this. It would be great if you simply brought back that feature.

  • Brooke Malone commented  · 

    Change Soap Note To "cancelled" or erase soap note when patient cancels! It is very confusing, and looks like patient was there on that day.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    The fact that the system generates encounters that are to be signed for every no-show and cancellation is crazy. The doctor is having to constantly check that she is not signing a note for an encounter in the future or the one that was for the appointment that was cancelled. This creates lots of extra work and we have assigned one staff member to do nothing but delete these encounters daily since our task list is full of them. We are a very busy practice and this is a waste of time. The cancels & no-shows are recorded on the summary page...this is redundant.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    If someone cancels or no show- it should be saved under appointmnets but not creat an ecounter.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We are suggesting to come up with a feature that will allow no shows and such not to show up in the encounters but in past appointments only

  • Ms Nurse's Station commented  · 

    Our office deletes the encounters for cancelled or no showed appointments. Then they do not count toward meaningful use but PF still keeps record of the appt on the summary page as well as in the appointment option in the Timeline.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    When a patient cancels an appointment, our scheduler enters a note that is only visible from the day of the appointment schedule page. This is frustrating-- it used to show up under the chief complaint but now it's harder to see. I see a "sign encounter" reminder in the task list, but I have to click into the patient chart to see when the appointment was, then click into the schedule to read the note, then click back into the encounter to save or delete it. It's very time consuming.

  • crystal commented  · 

    It would be nice if it could also let see why it was cx or rs instead of having to go to that day on the schedule. It takes more time to do it that way.

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