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Change SOAP note type to "No Show" if patient cancels or no-shows

Currently, when a patient is a no show or has cancelled their appt, we can see this under the Appointment tab.
However, when the appt is generated, it creates an encounter. As the appt is no longer valid, the dr still has to go in and sign off on this to take it out of their task list.
Because we track these no-shows and cancellations, we do not delete them. I would like the option under the encounter to list the "Encounter Type" as a No-Show or Cancellation. (Currently I use "Letter" and put information on the no-show of cancellation in the complaint field. There is nothing else more appropriate to use) Also in the "Note Type" you have the option for Cancelled Appt. Can you also list No-show?

We are trying to keep this from going against the meaningful use numbers...

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Ms Kathleen Mancini shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Nina responded  · 

Hi everyone – As of 1/19/2017, we have introduced a new schedule setting to all practices that allows administrators to determine if encounters will be auto-generated for appointments marked as cancelled or no-show.

You can read more about schedule settings here:

We have also introduced a new Appointment Report that allows practices to review and filter appointments by facility, status, provider, and date, making it easier to track cancellations, no shows, and other scheduling details.

You can read more about the new Appointment Report here:


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  • Samita Sood commented  · 

    "Also in the "Note Type" you have the option for Cancelled Appt" - I don't see this option under Note Types?

  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    Agree completely. Encounter type "NO SHOW" and allow staff to sign it off and let us create a report no shows" by patient and as total per month to compare with #encounters. Then we can calculate the % no shows for the practice.

  • Dr Jessi Bramstedt commented  · 

    Having to sign a chart note for some one that did not come in is a giant waste of time! please change this so that we do not have to do anything further once it has been marked as No Show Or Cancelled!

  • Bill McClure commented  · 

    This causes an issue when a provider goes into "My Tasks" section to sign an encounter, they don't know that this is a "No Show", and causes workflow interruption.

  • Luz Gallardo commented  · 

    Having this feature would help us a great deal with grant writing and reports, we as a free clinic depend solely on donations and grants and we have the need to show everything!

  • Kasim Ortiz commented  · 

    We are also attempting to minimize our "No Show" appointments and so we have been trying to figure out if we could run a patient report on No Show appointments for the last three months. However, no one in our practice has been able to figure this out and it is frustrating because we would like to send notifications to patients but cannot determine an easy solution for creating this patient population

  • Jenny Yu commented  · 

    I totally agree. I saw some solution from 1 year ago, and it doesn't work. I changed the note type for the no-shows, and there is no good way to capture this in the reports. The reports module definitely needs to be more customizable.

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