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Simpler printing of chart notes

Print should require 1 click.
Please at least eliminate step 3 and 4.
Example: to print a SOAP note now:
(1) click action
(2) click "print encounter"
(3) click "print or X"
(4) click "print or cancel"

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William Gilmer shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

If I’m reading this right, the 4th step is the print step within your browser, which is outside of our control. Agreed, though, this could be simpler by collapsing steps 2 & 3 somehow or by implementing a keyboard shortcut.


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  • Laurie Troup commented  · 

    I agree the page breaks are a waste of paper and looks unprofessional. I do want to have the option of a print preview that is large enough to read. Often after using the preview, I will find mis-spacing of words and sections I choose to delete.

  • Dr Rahul Gor commented  · 

    I agree. Web based ehrs in particular would benefit form reducing the number of clicks. This reduces the load on both the users end and the servers. There is now a print preview and then you have to click on either the x or the print icon which then brings up the browsers print interface. If the goal is to prevent accidentally printing a log of documents, how about a print to pdf item so the generated document can be deleted.

  • Dr Mitchell Akman commented  · 

    One more thing, why not have an optional print preview?

  • Dr Mitchell Akman commented  · 

    Currently steps 1-4 occur BEFORE we get to the browser's print step. It really should be much simpler. For example, there is no reason to have the data selection screen come up with each print job. It can be a button on the print preview you provide. 99/100 times I never change anything on that screen.

  • Dr David Sahar commented  · 

    Please simplify the printing of encounters and of encounter summary
    I am forced to click four times to get a single sheet to hand to the patient
    carpal tunnel is a risk here
    it is an enormous nuisance to click this many times and the fact we must each time choose our "preferences" is ridiculous
    Make the "preferences" retrievable and the make print a "ONE CLICK" OPTION think of the number of carpal tunnels you will save and the thousands of hours a year that will be better spent by the user

  • Mrs Nicole Grove commented  · 

    Would love to be able to print notes on multiple patients quickly-as from within the chart notes report feature

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, what once was a 2 step action now takes 4-5. Also, paper is wasted on page 2 when blank pagers appear with your advertising at the top and 'Page 2 of 2' in bold letters/numbers. Please find a way to omit all of the blank pages on encounters, etc.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    The option to print should come right after signing the note, like it did in the old system. This would save a lot of time. Also, I agree with other comments about the number of pages. It used to come in 1 page, no it's 2 pages? Unnecessary options in the note that we can hopefully get rid of to condense the page.

  • Igor Cohen commented  · 

    Well, I have different issue - the program breaks notes while printing - leaving half page empty on the first page and continue on the second - doesn't feel like one continuous note.

  • DANYELLE commented  · 

    I agree with this as well, I feel that clicking print should just open up one window to view what you are printing and then give you the option to print. (two clicks at the most is all that this feature should need)

  • Josh Elder commented  · 

    I agree, when we click "Print Encounter" it should take us to the browser's print dialogue box instead of PF's own dialogue box.

    PF's doesn't truly serve much of a purpose beyond previewing what we're printing, which we can do in the browser's dialogue box.

  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    Any reduction of clicks would be most welcome.
    Thanks for thinking through this with me

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