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Prescription Workflow Enhancements

1.Selecting a medication from the drop-down lists where the dosage form is listed should automatically populate the dosage form section in the prescribing section.
2. The plan section of the note should NOT automatically close after sending a prescription.
3. The previous quantity of a prescription medication should automatically populate quantity section of a new prescription.
4. if you picked a drop down medication direction- Then the computer should populate the day supply after quantity is filled in.
5. when renewing prescriptions electronically the denial warning should not block the choices for the denial.

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  • Ariel commented  · 

    Some ideas:

    I'd like the ability to easily see the Rx date, fill date, quantity, and sig on the last three Rx's for each controlled substance. Currently I have to do a lot of clicking back and forth to figure out what fill dates to put on the refills. A nice additional feature would be if PF also calculated 27 days from the last fill date for me.

    I'd like the prescription order screen to clearly indicate which meds on the med list I've never prescribed for the patient (i.e. OTC meds and meds managed by another provider) so it's easier to see which ones to skip when I'm clicking down the list of meds to refill.

    I'd like to click on all meds I want to refill, and then separate them by mail order vs local pharmacy vs paper Rx, as opposed to having to reopen the prescription screen for each set of refills.

    On the confirmation screen I'd like my DEA displayed by my name so that when I'm calling in refills I can just read down the screen and not have to try to remember to include additional information in the voicemail. Then when I click "record" after calling in a prescription, I'd like a field where I can indicate I called the Rx in to a specific pharmacy.

    A really cool but less necessary feature would be if PF looked at the Rx dates for the meds that have had a stable sig, and told me what day the pt might run out of medication. That way when I'm asking them to come back in three months and they should have over 30 extra days of medication already, I know they only need two refills. And patients who are missing a lot of doses and then saying "I have a half bottle at home and a refill still waiting at the pharmacy" when they should only have 3 weeks of pills left, will come to my attention more easily.

  • JR commented  · 

    In the OLD EHR, the med refill procedure allowed one box to open up with ALL of the info needed to prescribe. It would open in a larger box, that was easy to review and click "prescribe"

    According to your tutorial:

    Now we have to open boxes, and proceed to more boxes for each step before sending an RX. Very time consuming.

    Please consider a format with one large box like the Old Version had.

  • JR commented  · 

    A clinician wrote: "When refilling prescription the form should autopopulate with the same info. Should haven't to enter tablet or capsule. Also Refill number should highlight so 0 doesn't have to be deleted and new number entered."

    I fully agree with this!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please let us pre-populate a pharmacy before we even have to prescribe. It would save time if our assistants can change a patient pharmacy list/add, etc. as they update patient info. And as the patient updates their other info (address/phone, etc) they could also add pharmacy on the patient portal....

  • Jay Weiss commented  · 

    It would be great if we could renew prescriptions with under 5 steps (right now it is 11+ steps to reprint each prescription). Optimally we could click renew and the monthly prescriptions would automatically come up and we could click renew and they'd go to the printer. The last patient I saw had 5 renewals (1 was able to be eprescribed) and literally over 10 minutes was spent renewing the prescriptions (again each took at least 11 steps, I could list them), that was 50 plus steps for renewing meds (not counting the time to load in between steps). Please help with this.

  • Dr Jack Conway commented  · 

    When refilling prescription the form should autopopulate with the same info. Should haven't to enter tablet or capsule. Also Refill number should highlight so 0 doesn't have to be deleted and new number entered.

  • Beth Renzulli, MD commented  · 

    Please allow us to choose the pharmacy for printed erx's and have the pharmacy info show on the printed erx. Currently, I have to type the name of the designated pharmacy in to the 'pharmacy note' section and my staff then has to look up the fax# to get the script faxed. If I could just select the pharmacy, and have that information printed on the script, it would save us all some time.

  • Marc Connery commented  · 

    if a prescription is not refilled, the Rx should automatically end after the days supplied expires. I still have patient's coming in with Old Rx's as active. Currently I have to try and enter a stop date after the prescription is e-prescribed.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Automatically write out the quantity for controlled substances.
    Automatically make the earliest date to fill be today.
    Print multiple rx on 1 sheet of paper.
    Have last date and last quantity rx filled in prescription history.

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