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Print Chart Note: Page Numbers, Patient Record Number, & Patient Names on Each Page

Please put the patient's name (at the top of the note) and the page numbers (on the bottom of the note) on every page, not just the 1st. Now, when we fax notes to a referring physician for signature, if the signature page is on 2, 3, 4, etc, it does not have the patient name or page "___ of ___". Thank you for your consideration.

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Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is really imperative if you want this to seriously be implemented. Many of our work in multiple provider practices, and some of the providers will not implement EHR unless another provider in the practice who is an early adopter tries it out first. If only one provider adopts this to start (as would be the case in the practice I am in), I have to be able to print off professional looking notes, as the practice itself will continue to use paper charts in the interim. Please, please, please make this happen!

  • Corina Bruckner commented  · 

    This information is required when submitting chart notes to insurance companies. If we get audited then our files are considered not complete. Please make this change as soon as possible. Thank you!

  • Karen Johnson commented  · 

    Great suggestion. We have the same issue.

  • Erica commented  · 

    Please implement adding page numbers on patient chart notes. Right now the only way to get them on there is when the print dialog box comes up and you select "Print Headers & Footers" but then you also get the really long URL on the bottom of the page.
    This would be really helpful! Thank you.

  • Candace Thompson commented  · 

    when printing a second page of office visit, it would be good to have patient name on the top

  • Mrs Jennifer Bowman commented  · 

    yes, this is necessary for Medicare as well or they could deny payment.

  • Cheryl Kuhlthau commented  · 

    Yes, please this is extremely important to have the patients name and date of birth on all pages of a printed record. I hope this is a priority as it is a legal requirement.

  • Medea Karr commented  · 

    Yes this is a legal requirement. Each page of a patient's chart is required to have their name and birthdate. If our chart notes don't have this on each page the office who receives it and files it could get penalized in an audit, unless they write in the extra info on each page.

  • nursefullcirclewomenshealth commented  · 

    This is also incredible important when printing out a patient's lab result!!!
    Please get on this ASAP.

  • Patti Smith commented  · 

    The patient header with name, DOB, DOS need to be on page 2 and 3 and so forth when the patient's chart is finalized and sent out.

  • Ms Esther Yoo commented  · 


  • Lisa Burns commented  · 

    When printing notes if they are two pages in length there is no patient name - DOB etc. on the second page of the note to identify them.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree. Our main concern is the name, DOB and date of service being on all pages.

  • DG commented  · 

    This should already be available to do you thru your browser print options. I'd love to show you a Screen shot, but cannot. (I'll suggest that as an idea for the forums). Fire Fox go to "File" "Page Set up" "Margins Headers/Footers" and customize what you want. It's not perfect, but may help. You must actually print the patient chart via paper or PDF printer for it to show up. It will not print on the Practice Fusion's "preview".

  • DG commented  · 

    What browser are you using? I just found an easy way with Fire Fox to remove and ugly URL in the top right corner when printing. You can add page numbers in any location you want, or the file name in any location (top,center,bottom,R,L, Center)

    Go to "File" "Page Setup" and it should be self explanatory from there. If you use IE or Chrome, I'm sure there is something similar. I hope that helps.

    We need more people commenting back and helping each other out with this stuff.

  • cAREY gREEN md commented  · 

    Physicians' name also should be on every page

  • Erica commented  · 

    Also - please include the patient's middle initial on all pages and everywhere throughout the chart. It doesn't make sense to have the middle initial listed on the header only and then nowhere else when printing notes or orders, etc.

  • Mary commented  · 

    I actually thought this was a legal requirement since I've always seen this done on printed chart notes with other applications.

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