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Prior Authorization for Prescriptions

Recently saw a demo for CompletEPA (surescripts) for medication prior authorizations. Because it is real-time and integrates into existing EHRs, I think it will significantly reduce the amount of time that my staff and I spend on medication PAs, and it will improve patient care, compliance, and satisfaction. Would love to have the ability to add this service (or a comparable one) to Practice Fusion.

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Maren Rinker shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please fix the telephone format on these forms

  • Cassie L. commented  · 

    yes automatically populate prefilled in info.....!

  • Geoff commented  · 

    Orlando is right; please automatically populate the member's ID#, pharmacy info and the phone number should auto parenthesis/dash as well. .......that's what software is for!!

  • Orlando Emmanuelli commented  · 

    We notice that while we get the pre authorization forms. they're all missing some of the info. Pharmacy plan ID for example. Most practices, including ours, do not collect pharmacy plan information as that's not of use to us. That info should be pre-populated by the pre-auth form vendor, it obviously knows what plan the patient has, otherwise it would not add the pre-auth task. Otherwise, it should not be a required field.
    Also, the phone number fields require the format
    (xxx) xxx-xxxx for the practice phone and fax. this format for some reason is not atomatically applied to the field. Even if the phone number is xxxxxxxxxx in the field, it will not allow send or save IF you dont manually re-enter the phone or fax with said format. taking some extra time.

  • James M. Coticchia, MD commented  · 

    Desperately need this. I found PF when perusing CoverMyMeds - that was the trigger to switch to PF. Will be a huge relief for our staff who spend hours doing Prior Auths.

  • Hi Randy, after our initial beta testing volunteer practices, we are rolling out in additional percentage waves over the next few months. The percent that are receiving Prior Authorization is randomly distributed across PF practices. When you are about to receive this functionality in your EHR, you will receive an email alert and an interstitial when you log in to the product, informing you of the new functionality.

  • Randy Clouser commented  · 

    How is the Prior Authorization functionality being rolled out to the remainder of the practices? Is it being done geographically, by type of practice, alphabetically, number of users, etc.? What is the current status of the rollout? Is there a schedule that can be viewed that would give our practice some idea of when we might expect to be turned up? We would appreciate any information you can provide on this feature upgrade. Thanks, Randy Clouser, Gastrointestinal Associated Specialists, Kansas City, MO.

  • Ms Lenka Stepan commented  · 

    When will our practice be notified of the ePriorAuthorization functionality, can't wait for this wonderful feature!

    Grunberger Diabetes Institute

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Can you work with,?
    They really have a great system to obtain prior auth for meds.
    Sushma Jani MD

  • Josh Elder commented  · 

    This sounds like a wonderful idea. ALL of our patients require Prior Authorizations for the medication we prescribe and I handle it all by myself.

    I look forward to this making my life a bit more manageable.

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