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Billing report

It would be great to be able to pull a billing report showing encounters by date, for a specified time frame, which would list provider, patient name, procedure codes and amount charged. Thanks.

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Annette Barron shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    A report that list date, pt's name, cpt code, dx codes that is captured by providers using the superbill feature?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Our office uses a different billing system but uses PF for EHR. It would be great to be able to have providers create superbills w/cpt level and dx's and send to our biller who could then produce a report listing all the info (pt's, cpt's dx codes..) per provider to use to enter in our billing system instead of having to print out a superbill one by one - too wasteful and time consuming so we don't use PF for billing -but would like to!

  • Diane Layne commented  · 

    Yes this would be helpful especially if you could do it per day or per week.

  • Karen Kress commented  · 

    A billing report with Facility/Location name, Provider name, Patient name, date of birth, date of service, cpt code and diagnosis codes is the report that our practice is seeking.

  • Lakisa Ross commented  · 

    Ex: John Doe 1/1/16 99213, 2/1/16 99504 2/03/16 35141

  • Mrs Stephanie Giordano-Foster commented  · 

    The report should also include the amount collected from the patient for the encounter date as well. IF you don't have this information, this allows easy access for theft to take place in your office, unless you have a separate way of tracking this information.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    with multiple dates of service for the same client, please

  • Vivien Tucker commented  · 

    It would also be very helpful to be able to run a report of office visits that do not have a superbill attached. Sometimes patients slip by the check-out window with their router, not remembering that they are to turn that paper over to the billing clerk.I would like to have a way to double check the possibility of missed charges.

  • Mrs BreAnna Talley commented  · 

    We would also need all diagnosis codes attached to that encounter. This would be extremely helpful as we move to ICD-10.

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    I think this kind of report would be very useful and helpful to patients in certifying their expenses for Flexible Spending Plans or HSA.

  • Mr Richard Martinez commented  · 

    I would like a report showing completed visits by date for a specified time frame. This would be a great tool to reconcile billed visits against patients seen when using a billing system that is not integrated with Practice Fusion. This is also great to make sure we have printed all the superbills when closing out the month.

  • Ms Kristen Krause commented  · 

    from the billing report- being able to click on a patient name to go into their chart make the necessary changes then a back button to return to billing report.

  • Mr Richard Martinez commented  · 

    Also, how about just being able to print the current Billing Report?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would like to be able to run a monthly report showing the pt name, dos, provider seen and the payer. This is how we track our MONTHLY A/R.

  • Reema commented  · 

    We have physician's who do not create superbills on a daily basis. We
    need to go and check every patient on a daily basis to confirm if the
    superbills are ready for billing. Similarly, physician's also need to
    know a number where they can just click and see the number of
    superbiller yet to be created for billing. Like a dashboard which can
    show both the biller as well as physician's charts to be updated.

  • Reema commented  · 

    Need a hot button, for the superbills updated and the superbills pending to be updated. This will save time for the biller as well as the provider.

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