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Remove automatic periods from being added to template items

Can you remove the automatic periods that appear at the end of each template item? The concept of a template is to create a macro that can be customized to each user's preference. If you could make them user-customizable, that would be best.

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Barry Press shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • James F. Carroll, DC commented  · 

    This is wonderful! I just want to confirm: is this setting on a per-user basis or per-practice? The interface says, "Your settings." With multiple providers in our office, each wants to have his or her own punctuation preference. Is this supported? Thank you!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    The period situation has really been detrimental and time consuming when trying to complete a note. I really hope this issue gets resolved soon.

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    I am tired of the period as well. I just have accepted a "three dot colon" :.

  • Briana commented  · 

    When creating templates it would be nice to turn of the automatic population for "." Sometimes I try inserting a "," after my template item, but when I go to chart my template looks very full of unnecessary periods because now it looks like ",." Taking away the automatic population of a period would help me great much more diverse charts.

  • Mr Perry Cooper commented  · 

    Please remove the period as it would allow for so much more functionality of the templates.

  • Jose Torres commented  · 

    Changing the items, adding items and modifying are important in the templates.

  • Dr Mark Willenbring commented  · 

    Another related problem are the wild cards (??). Currently, I have to click twice in the text that has been added to the note before I can successfully tab to the wild card. Then, a period is added after the wild card entry, so I have to move the cursor past the period to move on. At this point, I'm going to have to stop using the wild card feature. Unfortunately, if I just put a stem in the template (e.g., "Pt today reports that s/he is doing [blank]) there will then be a period at the end of the stem, not allowing me to enter what I want to put in that field without moving past the period, again. But at least I won't have to click twice in the text area of the stem in order to be able to use the wild card. This is a major downgrade in functionality from the old system, which worked well.

  • Jen Rives, LMFT commented  · 

    Mary, me too! We can easily put it an period if we need one when we make the template.

  • Mary commented  · 

    Agree. Due to my OCD I always back space to get rid of the periods.

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