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More options for Scheduling Blocks

It would be helpful when doing a schedule block to have biweekly or once a month for repeat. Currently it is just set for weekly

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Mr Marc Slobasky shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Mrs Mary Olin commented  · 

    This is a very annoying feature in that you cannot delete just ONE day without deleting all. Our practitioners do not always have the same schedule each week. Very tedious

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It is hard to believe that this simple, IMPORTANT issue has not been resolved after 3+ years. This can be accomplished on other EHRs; why not this one? As others have noted, "recurring" does not solve the problem. It is VERY, VERY TIME CONSUMING to enter "Lunch" every day into the schedule when once a month or so, and not on a consistent pattern, that the provider's schedule changes and is working during the "Recurring" or "Block" time slot. When we stop it and then look backwards in the calendar, there is this big blank because it has been deleted. Doesn't look good on the calendar. So, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE THIS A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION AND GET THIS ISSUE SOLVED. Thank you, Teresa

  • Mrs Teresa Pagan commented  · 

    If I set up a block in providers schedule and then I want to unblock it for one day, its seems that it undoes it for the whole schedule. I was told that currently there is no other way to do this..... Can I ask to make this a feature request..... I have found my own work around but it makes it difficult to see the open and available appointments

  • Dr Arwen Podesta commented  · 

    This would be incredible, and SO much time would be saved. Having simple scheduling repeat options such as Google Calendar has would be exponentially helpful.

  • Ms Cheryl Trone commented  · 

    PLEASE let us block more than one day at a time. It is very time consuming if we need to block a 1 or 2 wk period and we have to make 14 blocks instead of just blocking from [blank] date to [blank] date. Thank you!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be helpful to have a one-step process to block entire weeks at a time.

  • Dr Lawrence Bergman commented  · 

    If you enter a recurring block we need to be able to set an end date. Also as mentioned we should be able to delete a single block within this recurring block without deleting the one's preceeding or following it. It is too hard to set the same block of every Tuesday until June 19th for example. Currently you would have to rekey the block into each individual Tuesday until June 19th. If you set the recurring block it would do each Tuesday for the next 100+ years. Also if you try to unblock a single Tuesday within that time period it removes all the blocks. this is not user friendly.

  • Ms Roxanne Deason commented  · 

    It gets very confusing to try to set up a fake patient to block the day recurring. It would be much easier to have an option to delete a time block and choose whether to delete the one time block or the entire series. Similar to the calendar in Outlook, while making or adjusting recurring appointments.

  • Ms Tricia Jarecki commented  · 

    We need more features so that we are able to block the whole day without it looking like single appointment slots are open when the doctors are on vacation without deleting it for the year. Even though it creates a block and states on vacation in the first column in the next column to the right it looks like you can still schedule an appoinment which is cause for human error.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be great if when we put a repeating block at a certain time on the schedule if we had to delete one of them for any reason, it wouldn't delete all our others on the repeating block.

  • Dr Caroline Jones Redstone commented  · 

    Yes - this would be extremely helpful and appreciated. I currently take admin time 3 out of 4 Monday mornings every month in order to prevent myself from accidentally booking a client when I am out of the office one Monday of the month. It's nice to start the week slowly but this isn't sustainable and I don't trust myself not to double-book without the block in place.

  • J Steve Mayo commented  · 

    Having an end date and selecting which days it applies is really vital. Currently I'm needing to add blocks to each weekday for a six week period (= 30 individual block times) and that's just one example. Setting this up as a bogus/fake pt appointment only creates confusion on the schedule as people are not block times.

  • J Steve Mayo commented  · 

    Please improve block time functionality. Currently one of our providers is out Wednesdays. Next month, for one time only, they are switching days out, and so it is currently impossible to indicate that situation using block time.

    Also, the suggested work-around(?) to create a phantom chart/patient, and appoint that "patient" to block out the time seems logical, but only confuses matters, as there is no current way to create an exception to a repeating block time, unless each Wednesday (x52) has the block time added non-repeating.

    Please, please please please please, move improving Scheduling UP on your priority list this is the front lines for every practice and so *vital* to being efficient and intuitive. Thank you.

  • Dr Maryam Boushehri commented  · 

    The current block time repeat options for non-patient appointments are very limited. For example, to schedule a repeat lunch meeting, the only option is to repeat it on the same day every week. It'd be great to have different options similar to what exists for patient appointments. Can we do the same for the non-patient appointments?

    Also, there is no alert for double booking a provider within the same facility. For example, if I have a standing appointment for a patient at 2 p.m. every week, and I create a repeat schedule for another patient at the same time, the system won't alert me to it. Can we please find a solution for this issue as well?

  • Amanda commented  · 

    In the block appointment types, would be awesome if it had a function to select the reoccurring series. Example repeat every first Friday of the month and it would be done for the whole year by just entering the one block. Or we have meetings 1 time a month if there was a way to plug it in one time to be set for the year, recurring the 2nd Thursday of the month?

  • Ms Pamela Porter commented  · 

    We don't like to use the recurring appt. for this because then it shows as another appt. in the doctor's schedule when it's really just blocked time. We'd prefer the block time allow for us to delete a single time without deleting the entire series.

  • Lynn commented  · 

    We would like to have a practitioner be able to block their daily schedule for "every 2, 3, 4 etc Friday", not just the option for "every Friday".

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We have 3 different offices and 3 MDs and this feature is a must. Right now we are using recurring appointments as blocked time since we create templates for the MDs schedules. This allows us to block time in one office & schedule the MD in another. One major drawback is then we keep getting a "conflicting appointment" window popping up when in fact it is not. We just cannot use blocked time unless each day is entered separately throughout the year. That we be 52 entries for 1 day for 1 office for 1 MD. This approach for using blocked time is not time effective.

  • Molly Martinez commented  · 

    YES! There are several other suggestions similar to this that I have also voted for and commented upon.

  • Mr Marc Slobasky commented  · 

    Please do this. An option for repeat weekly, bi-weekly, three weeks and monthly

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