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Tracking a patient's authorizations and referrals

It would be very helpful if there was a section to track the patients' authorizations. For example, if a patient requires auth./referral the system should be able to keep count & send alerts when a patient only has ONE/NO authorization in file.

Also there should be a section where we can add the patient's primary care physicians and referring doctors.

If we do issue a referral, there should be a section where we keep track of where we refer our patients and who refer them to us.

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  • Mrs Mia Murtha commented  · 

    I agree with the need to keep track of authorizations. Seems fitting for such an all inclusive EMR such as Practuce Fusion. I have adapted a way by using the task action, but this method is only effective by creating the notification myself, which is more susceptible to user error. Having the EMR software track and identify need for authorizations is ideal, even if just by creating a field to enter the global period in order for the software to generate a notification.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    i agree you can go to cover my meds for the medication but there should be stuff in practice fusion for both medication and insurance coverage authorizations. Especially with having to pay now for the system. I highly recommend that this get placed. It is an urgent need for so many people and im sure would use this if it had all the tools needed

  • Ms Stephanie Miller commented  · 

    This would be a great tool to track Prior Authorizations for patients prior authorizations for medication.

  • Mr David Price commented  · 

    We spend sooooo much time tracking referral numbers, start end date, number of visits issues, number of visits used and number of visits remaining. This is especially true for the Medicare HMO Insurance plans. They all require a referral for Specialist visits.

    This also applies to tracking Prior Authorizations for procedures done in office.

  • Anonymous commented  · 


  • Anonymous commented  · 

    we definitely need this!

  • Dr Daniel Benson commented  · 

    Tracking referrals and authorizations for physical therapy would be extremely valuable

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    definitely need this - how can you track referrals electronically without it!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, please! This would be especially helpful for insurance plans that limit the number of patient visits per year.

  • Ms Cynthia Anderson commented  · 

    Right now in our Primary Care Clinic, we have to list prescribed Acupuncture visits under the Medications Tab because there is no other place on the Summary Page for all other in-house Physicians to quickly see what other care has been prescribed (acu, massage, etc).
    Also, there is no Alert to indicate nearing a Stop/End Date or One Visit Left.

  • Ms Colleen Usibelli commented  · 

    I agree wholehartedly with this idea. In addition to the ability to track and send alerts, it would be very helpful for billing if the prior authorization number and tracking count was reflected on the superbill.

  • Mrs Cynthia DiFiore commented  · 

    Keeping track of patients that require a referral for an office visit is definitely needed. Then to have a way to link to the office visit scheduled so that the number of visits allowed are noted would be great!

  • Diana commented  · 

    this feature is really needed for us too. Please add! =]

  • Marcia commented  · 

    I agree! We currently put the primary care doctor's name, referral start date, end date and how many visits there are in the notes box on patient's profile tab. The problem with that is the note box is at the very bottom of the profile tab. It needs to be in a more prominent location when first opening the patient account.

    It would be a nice feature to have PF track and keep count of used dates on HMO referrals and send an alert on when all visits have been used.

  • Jen Rives, LMFT commented  · 

    I would like to be able to track referral sources. I am a therapist and I get most of my clients from Therapy Directories. It would be helpful to be able to track this so I know which ones are worth the investment, as well as which clients are big referrers. It woul dbe an easy add on to the demographics I think :)

  • Rhonda commented  · 

    I would like to see this as well because we continually run into the issue where we can't track how many visits a patient has left so we can get more authorizations. If this in in the EHR, can someone point me in the direction of it?

  • Dr James Michel commented  · 

    Medicare has the get acquainted and annual Wellness Exam which includes a list of all the patient's specialist physicians (regardless of who referred them). It would be fabulous to integrate this under a section called "Other Physicians" allowing as much or as little associated information, both contact and clinical content, as desired.

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