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Medical Dictionary for Spell and Grammar Checks

We would like to have Practice Fusion utilize a medical dictionary for the spellcheck, rather than just utilizing the basic spellchecker that comes with web browsers.

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  • Doretha D Barbour commented  · 

    After typing a letter or note I need spell check on my computer to make sure all works are correctly spelled, punctuations and every thing is correct before mailing out instead of stoping in mid stream looking thru the Dictionary .

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    the medical terms are not save and not add in the dictionary

  • Teresa Naleway commented  · 

    I (and probably many) use Firefox as our browser (I like my individuality vs MS or Google having control). Based upon Dr Boor's idea, there is no ability to add words. Any other suggestions for Firefox users. If one has a Stedman's spellchecker can we incorporate it into our PF?

  • TFI trans3 commented  · 

    Need a word program that has auto-correct and word expansion built in, which would make transcribing office notes much faster. Also, need a medical dictionary added.

  • Diane commented  · 

    As medical transcriptionist's, we need auto correct as well as a medical dictionary. It will really help in turn-around-time for office notes.

  • DG commented  · 

    Spell checker does not SAVE previously added words to the Glossary.

    How do we access the Glossary to edit the Spell checked words?

  • Darwin Boor, MD commented  · 

    If PF is using our browser's spellchecker that is great. Could you provide a tutorial on how to update the spellcheckers for the most commonly used browsers?

    It would be nice if PF would provide a PF user custom dictionary containing a list of correctly spelled words and abbreviations used in PF that are not found in the current default dictionary of most browsers.

    This could be done by:

    1. Obtain a word frequency list for all final PF notes.

    2. Spell check that list against each browser's default dictionary. Save all "misspelled" words to a new custom dictionary for each browser. (There is a simple was to do this.)

    2. Combine the resulting new custom dictionaries from each browser and eliminate duplicate entries.

    3. Run the new combined PF custom dictionary list against a medical spelling dictionary that includes current medications and save any "misspelled" words to a second new custom dictionary.

    4. Eliminate the"misspelled" words in the second custom dictionary from the initial combined custom dictionary list. This will result in a PF custom word list of presumably correctly spelled words that can be used to generate a PF custom dictionary for each browser.

    A few hours work could save all of us a lot of time.

    5. Finally, provide a place for users to suggest additions to the PF custom dictionary.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    would also like it to be on automatically unless turned off and have the highlight move with the text so that the highlight is actually highlighting the word and not somewhere else on the page

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Seems this has never been paid attention. It is inconvenient to have non-medical dictionary to check the spelling and grammar.

  • Hi Dr. Gilmer--since the New EHR uses the spellchecker natively in your browser, it is not within Practice Fusion's control. You can modify your browser's spellchecker to recognize different spellings or include words that you would expect it to know.

    We are looking into ways to incorporate more medically-oriented spellcheckers, but the browser-based checkers seem to do a relatively good job overall.

  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    Could the spellchecker at least "learn" the new words and corrections as I add them?

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