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Specifying Inclusive Gender Options for Patients

I'd like to see more options for gender at birth, current gender identification, sexual orientation, and a place to indicate preferred pronoun.

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Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Aliza responded  · 

Hello everyone – great news! You now have the ability to specify gender at birth in the patient Profile as well as gender identity and sexual orientation on the patient Summary page.

Thank you for your patience as we worked to get this implemented!


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  • Mr Alejandro Contreras commented  · 

    Where can we add gender as birth and current gender identity, I do not see it in the profile section.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree with RMF suggestion. Smoking (and Alcohol, and Illicit drug use) should be separate from Gender questions.

  • RMF commented  · 

    Can you separate "smoking" from gender questions. I would like to document smoking history for my patients without having to document anything pertaining to gender. This has nothing to do with smoking. Please put that in a separate place. A sexual history section would be fine.

  • Ann Tommaney commented  · 

    Can we have gender identity and sexual orientation options on the Patient Profile page as well, not just the Summary page? As a therapist working with young developing transitioning genders, this will more accurately reflect my clients.

    Thank you,
    Ann Tommaney, PsyD

  • Hillary commented  · 

    You need to update the gender drop down for the online scheduling system. Or no longer require it.

  • Rgor commented  · 

    Can we add this to the summary or profile section and not the charting section. It is a one time setting which doesn't require taking up space in the charting area.
    There are critical issues like addiction, alcohol abuse, etc that need to be addressed across the board for almost all population groups.

  • k shore md commented  · 

    Having a gender option of transgender male and transgender female is vital in a primary care medical record. It is not just a social issue, it has medical and health implications (risk of prostate cancer in a trans female has been missed due to caregiver unaware of transgender status and need to check psa. Additionally, I need to be aware of the gender status (cis/trans) in order to take an appropriate history and assess for health risks and appropriate examination and lab/imaging studies. Specification of gender, other than male/female, is the standard of care in pediatrics - this is a small EHR fix that has large implications and is not optional. I hope Practice Fusion will make the appropriate changes to this ASAP.

  • A.C. Demidont commented  · 

    About 70% of my patients are trans* or gender non-conforming. It is very difficult/impossible for TGNC or intersex patients to inclusively select their gender when scheduling appointments online. I have had several patients complain about this. I have created my own intake form that offers multiple gender options (male, female, transmale, transfemale, intersex, other: _____
    It would also be appropriate for PF to create a preferred and birth name column for trans* patients and to add the preferred name to the patients demographics. I would like to be able to send prescriptions with the patient's preferred name first, their birth name in parentheses and their last name last: i.e. Jane (John) Doe. This is a transinclusive practice and recommended by the HRC for the care of transgender patients.
    I hope that this change can be made very soon.

  • Roz Donovan commented  · 

    My office serves many transgendered patients. Perhaps have one question:
    Sex at birth with a dropdown, F/M/O
    and another open ended question: Gender

  • Ms Maria Hicks commented  · 

    I was very surprised the default for gender in PF is so outdated. This makes using the intake forms options more difficult and doesn't reflect modern best practices for inclusivity. I hope we are not required to gain enough votes to make this happen and that it just happens because it should! Thanks!

  • Kim C. commented  · 

    PLEASE include more inclusive options please for sex -- even "undifferentiated" if it is a matter needing to strictly have M or F for some kind of billing or reporting issue (I have seen that option in other EHR programs, and while not ideal it is better than a strictly binary sex option). Also, please build in options for writing in free-text options for gender identity and pronouns, and have these appear as prominently on the screen and in printed health records as the sex marker. Allowing patients to self-identify -- and having their medical records reflect their identity -- is vital! And I agree -- the pronoun field should appear everywhere that the legal and preferred name fields appear! As I explore Practice Fusion and prepare to use it in my clinic, I love the features -- but am frustrated that this system will not affirm the identity of my genderqueer and trans* patients.

  • Pat M. commented  · 

    The pronoun field should be included everywhere the legal name and preferred name field appear.

  • Dr Stephanie Ho commented  · 

    We would like the following added to demographics: non-binary gender information, preferred pronouns, separated demographics for clinical use and insurance use, social history that includes gender assigned at birth, gender identity, sexual orientation and organ inventory (does pt have a uterus, cervix, prostate, breasts, etc)

  • Stacy commented  · 

    I say leave the current binary gender in place for billing purposes.

    Have a separate column for gender identity--- which doesn't interface with insurance. Her we can put Trans mtf, ftm, intersex, etc.

    My grant requires me to identify transgender persons to maintain funding..... And you're in San Francisco...... And it's THE RIGHT THING TO DO! Thanks!

  • David commented  · 

    The intake is not accurate with respect to sex and fails to permit identification of gender. Sex is not binary: male or female. As a medical record provider, accuracy is critical. Add "Intersex" as an option. Additionally, gender is not included in basic demographics. Please add gender with the following options: Pre-Op
    Cis Female
    Cis Male

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I'd like to see a gender neutral option and a place to indicate preferred pronoun.

  • Ms Cordelia Murphy commented  · 

    I think its incredibly important to offer more than MTF, FTM for patients who don't fit into those gender categories. Also, I want to second transitioning to they/them default pronouns instead of he/she.

  • Ms Mary Baker commented  · 

    Yes please add another option for transgendered MTF and FTM. Some of our clients fit this category. Thanks.

  • You won't have to worry about that because this field will be something we track and store separately from the current Gender that we have in the EHR demographics now.

    While confusing, and insulting to those who do not identify as the binary male or female, it is a reality that we'll need to work within.

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