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Patient Document Upload

It would be wonderful if patients could use the Patient Portal to upload their own medical documents into their chart. As the telemedicine movement grows and healthcare providers offer care to patients across the US, this feature will be even more critical to efficient care.

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Laura Firetag shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Aliza responded  · 

We are excited to announce that as of 11/17/17, patients are now able to attach files and hyperlinks to messages that they send to their provider from within the patient portal. When received in the EHR, these files and hyperlinks can be saved as documents to attach to the patient chart.

For more information on handling patient message attachments, please see our Knowledge Base article here:


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  • Arroyoit commented  · 

    That is all well and good. However, the last time I checked it was impossible for us to send attachments in the other direction. Because certain types of results arrive as PAPER until the magical Paperless office becomes a reality, our patients need to receive a copy before the next appointment without being required to come to the office or having to snail mail or fax to the patient. We have arrived at Practice Fusion because our previous EHR has gone out of business. The patient portal associated with that company's EHR did allow sending direct from the chart and it was A WONDERFUL TOOL THAT ALSO STIMULATED THE EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION. MU POINTS FOR THAT. We would receive the report/scan it and upload to chart / access chart and click on send to the patient portal with a comment. Patient would comment back and a beautiful MEANINGFUL exchange of info was the result. Great tool and CMS REQUIREMENT FRIENDLY

  • Dr Judy Brasier commented  · 

    As Medicine changes from paper to eletronic more should be put on the patient. The less paper the better. However I agree that there needs to be some approval and unsigned before dropping it into the chart. And the option to sort out some of the documents labs, hospital visits, xrays etc or have a way to tab this in a large upload.

    Also I would add that if this was a feature it would be helpful to have the patient required to answer some MIPS questions a head of their visit. Medications, smoking history, fall risk, depression etc. AND have this sink up with the MIPS requirements for their appointment.

    The more the patient can do on their end to satisfy the MIPS and free up staff to take care of them the better. After all the P in Hippa is portability of health care.

  • Theresa Weninger commented  · 

    Allow a feature in patient fusion that patient's can directly upload documents to, such as lab work/reports/scans performed prior to them being a patient with their current physician who is using practice fusion.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I've had the third request by a parent of my patients to send a video clip of some medical observation. I'd love to have them upload it in their HIPAA-compliant portal.

  • Kevin commented  · 

    When a patient logs into their patient portal account. They should be able to upload a face picture which attaches to their chart for the doctor.

  • Dr Lisa Sachdev commented  · 

    Documents uploaded by patients need to come to the attention of office staff and be "approved" before dropping into their chart.

  • Ariel commented  · 

    I would like patients to be able to upload a document to their chart's "unsigned documents" section by emailing it to a particular email address (there would be a button in each patient's chart to generate such an address). Or barring that, having a practice-wide email address that would send the attachments to the practice's generic "unsigned documents" section. (Patients would have to be reminded to be sure their name and DOB is on each document.) This would allow me to use a patient upload feature for patients I can't do Patient Portal with because of their psych diagnoses.

  • Ms Karrin Campbell commented  · 

    There needs to be a box or a place where the patient is asked who they want on their HIPAA. There is a box to list next of kin which we use for emergency contact. Perhaps you could add HIPAA Contact into that drop down box. This bit of information is critical.

  • Mrs Roderick Vergel de Dios MD commented  · 

    yes, but then the flip side of that is that they can add all kinds of nonsense that doesn't belong in the chart as well. Perhaps some kind of a side note that needs to be approved and signed off to become part of the record

  • Mrs Pam Zaft commented  · 

    We frequently have patients that would like to email physician results or other documents prior to a visit. Since there is no attachment option, we end up giving the clients standard email address to send documents. By doing this, we are not getting Meaningful Use Credit, and patients end up using the personal email thereafter, rather than logging into the portal for future messaging.

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