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Split weight into pounds and ounces

Currently we can only enter pounds when recording weight. For pediatrics, we need to be able to enter lbs and oz separately.

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Colette Vieau shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Dr Elishia Featherston commented  · 

    Please consider this a priority change. This standard in most EMR I have used for pediatrics.

  • Dr Jennifer Gibbons ND commented  · 

    For infants visits it would be much easier to put in weight as pounds and ounces rather than having to convert the ounces to a percentage of a pound each time.

  • Dr Lulua Mandviwala commented  · 

    Yes absolutely, too many times I find the growth chart incorrect as the baby was 7 pounds 4 ounces and MAs enter it at 7.4 at previous visit and now 7 pounds 10 ounces which shows up at 7.10 (entered incorrectly of course) and it will show up on growth chart as LOSS in weight rather than GAIN in weight. They don't have time to go back and calculate exact PERCENTAGE of 10 ounces of 16 ounces prior to placing after the decimal point!


  • Dr Ramesh Ragothaman commented  · 

    This seems to be a second newer thread. this has been voted up many time before.

  • Dr David Anyadike commented  · 

    Please. If it's optional, "ounces" can be left blank for other specialties. Sometimes, our MAs will enter 7lb14oz as 7.14 oz, which is an error over 10%!

  • Dr Jon Simon commented  · 

    Agreed. This is a vital feature for pediatrics

  • Dr Lawrence Bergman commented  · 

    Yes it would be nice to have pounds and ounces. In the height column it is now rounded to the nearest tenth of an inch. It would be nice to extend this to the 1000th of an inch so that 58 and 5/8ths inches which is a common measurement can be recorded as 58.625. It is also important that in the vital flow sheet we can have fields that automatically populate the percentiles for height, weight and head circumference in the SOAP note and not just the percentile for the BMI.

  • Dr Ramesh Ragothaman commented  · 

    very important for infants. right now I have to convert ounces into decimals and enter to get proper growth charts.

  • Dr Lucia Benzoni commented  · 

    I agree! In pediatrics, 1-2 ounces can make a big difference! Please make this a feature!

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