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Restrict access to sections of a patient's chart

It would be helpful to have granular permissions for viewing clinical information, such that a limited user could input data on a patient's demographics profile, but could not access the medical records for a patient. For a new employee, it would help us to have them input info, but not check on the actual medical records.

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  • Arroyoit commented  · 

    I noticed that someone mentioned limiting to certain charts. I have had that type of control in other systems because the charts could be grouped as being owned by a specific licensed provider.

    We can not find anything in this system that allows such grouping. A chart seems to be owned by the last person who views it and ALL USERS ARE LABELED PROVIDERS although they may be front desk people.

    I AGREE with the people who desire better granularity when it can be accomplished. It is a wonderful tool to be able to create your own sets of permissions, assign them to a group and then move users in and out of the group to grant or restrict access. From a practical standpoint, I can not visualize any way that you could limit to certain charts, only certain chart sections unless a CHART RATING option were added. Currently there is no way to differentiate one chart from another except by the Demographics. View only people born between certain dates is not that useful for most. View all women? View all men? These do not seem to have that much utility.

  • PHN Partners commented  · 

    This would be extremely helpful as we work across systems, with varying levels of access. Please develop a "Scheduler Only" user access, where a user would only be allowed to "see" patient names and birthdates in order to add them to the schedule. This user type would have absolutely no access to PHI.

  • Dr Data Longjohn commented  · 

    This will be very beneficial. Read only access and being able to limit a user to specific charts. Hope this will not be too much trouble to impement

  • Mrs Zemelda Carr commented  · 

    Is there a way you can set up partial access to chart information. We have providers that only need access to SOAP Notes and super-bills, or medical assistants that only need to input vitals. It would be great to tailor per provider/staff what portion of the chart they need access to. Please include limiting review of schedule as well as soap notes. Providers should not have access to review another providers schedule without administration approval.

  • Stephen Weinrib commented  · 

    We need to be able to limit access in PF to specific charts when (insurance or other) auditors need to review charts. HIPAA protection!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Hi, I have a patient who is also employed by the clinic I work for. It would be great if there was an extra level of security to access her chart. Although it is not HIPAA compliant for the other clinic employees to access her chart, she has concerns that the information can be viewed by anyone here. It would be great to see an additional level of security for these types of patients.

  • CMK commented  · 

    This feature is desperately needed!!

  • Mr Thomas Launder commented  · 

    We have VIP patient information that needs to be locked from staff or at minimum needs some type of alert that generates when these VIP patient charts are accessed. Think of it like "celebrity" PHI. Patients that need an extra layer of protection from the system, not simply trusting staff to abide by confidentiality. We need a lock or an automatic alert that fires when these patient charts are accessed.

  • Ms Cathy Adams commented  · 

    This is a very important feature for our practice that is missing from PF. Please add this feature.

  • Dr Steven Tornik commented  · 

    Please add this feature!!! I have a scheduler and biller who I want to be able to access demographics and scheduling however they cannot have access to the notes. This is a very important feature!!!

  • M O commented  · 


  • Ms KELLEY HODGES commented  · 

    There is no where to flag a PHI Restriction other than to put a note in the pt's profile in the note section. our nurses do not see that when taking calls or calling patients. It would be nice to see this on the pt's main page.

  • Jill McNaul commented  · 

    I agree that it is important to be able to restrict access to aspects of a chart or to have some charts in particular that could have restricted access. I read another user's comment about having patients in the practice who are family members of providers in the practice which would certainly be a situation where it would be appropriate to restrict access of the provider to the family member's chart. I work as a psychiatrist in a facility that also has psychotherapy providers, primary care providers, GYN providers and PT providers. We have the EHR in our facility set up so that psychotherapists use progress notes (DAP) and medical providers use SOAP notes. The psyciatrists are allowed access to the psychotherapy notes (we very often share patients and it is important for us to share information) but other medical providers do not have access to psychotherapy notes. We also have a procedure where individual charts can be protected "under glass". The charts of employees, family members of employees, public figures or VIP patients are examples of charts that are placed "under glass". This places a second level of security where someone wouldn't be able to "accidentally" open the chart of one of these protected patients. In order to access the chart, the provider has to "break the glass" and if they chose to do so, they must provide a reason for doing so. This allows access but it makes anyone going into the chart aware that that the chart they are about to enter is one held to a higher level of scrutiny.

    Another option might be having a "Confidential" section or psychotherapy section that is kept separate from the rest of the chart and would not be sent with general medical records and could not be accessed by persons other than the author or designated staff / employees. I have a situation right now where I would love to be able to place a chart "under glass" but insofar as I'm aware, there is as of yet no such option available in Practice Fusion.

  • Paul Sorell commented  · 

    EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT IDEA! While, ideally, all staff should have HIPAA contracts as part of their employ with the medical practice, AND, should again ideally be HIPAA-trained and compliant... there is NOTHING WRONG with having this additional option available to help safeguard the practice just that much more from the occasional rogue employee who hasn't yet been discovered and fired. TOTALLY AGREE with this option for essentially establishing security clearance levels to view and/or edit various parts of the patients' chart (i.e. clerical, clinical/medical, administrative, etc...). Other EHR's have it... so should Practice Fusion.

  • Dr Barbara Reeve MD commented  · 

    Yes, absolutely need this. Would like to have a person offsite do my scheduling but cannot allow them access to the full chart. Just the Demographics and Schedule.

  • Eric Felber commented  · 

    Create a guest log-in where patients can log in at another computer through this sign-in and not see other patient's info so they can basically sign themselves in.

  • Mr M Khan commented  · 

    Very critical that we be able to safeguard the mental health records of our patients. It is not appropriate for every staff member, including nurses and front desk staff, to have access to patient notes.

  • Cathy Chapman commented  · 

    This is crucial for integrated practices that do both physical and mental health, especially in regards to therapy notes.

  • Caren Vance commented  · 

    Please add a "Confidential" field in the SOAP note that we can chart confidential information. And set this field to be excluded when the chart is printed or shared.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    need way to store confidential info

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