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Save Referral and Assign to someone else

Can we save the referral we made even if we have not sent it? Sometimes we need to change the doctor and we have to make another referral, which makes it confusing.

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  • Mrs Brenda Johnson commented  · 

    Totally agree that need to be able to save referral as disappear with every interruptions

  • CAROL COBURN commented  · 

    Need Save option while completing a referral! How many times has the phone rang, or something else interrupts during the process? This way it is designed now, it's necessary to close and restart again later, sometimes multiple times before finally completing and sending it.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Need to Save the Referral no matter what and have space for documentation.

  • Angel Diaz commented  · 

    Share this idea. When referral is printed the system doesn't save any evidence of it. It should be saved as it is when sent.

  • Rhonda Jordan commented  · 

    Im surprised no body has voted on this. Most of the time you cant do a referral the same day you have to get authorization from the insurance and call the office and make sure they are accepting new pts and see if they can get your pt in for an appt in timely manner. I think we should have referrals as a task from the note and we just click the patient needs a referral be able to mark urgent or non urgent and send to a referral nurse to actually do all this work. Iwont it to be instant. I have scrolling to actions creating a task, it takes to long Im primary care. I could have seen another pt in the time it takes me to create a task. It needs to a section for comments . So if we been working on this for 2 weeks and are unable to find a doctor who takes a pts insurance it should be in the referral task section all the notes regarding the problems with getting pts referral approved. So if pt complains we have documentation all in one place on how we have spent 3 hours going back in forth trying to get there referral completed. For primary care this section needs to be expanded.

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