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Increase size of Patient Notes field

When going in a patient's chart under the Profile tab, there is a section called "NOTES" Can more allowable space be added to that section? It's not a lot of space and can use more of it.

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Dana shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

Hi Dana—can you provide some more detail on the kinds of things you need to store in the Notes field? We’re rolling out Patient Alerts soon, which should give you more space and structure for this sort of thing.


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  • Dr Victor Casanova commented  · 

    Notes on patient's profile is very limited space to use. please increase the size for next update if you can, so we can enter more important info. thank you.

  • Laurie Troup commented  · 

    With many geriatric patients in my practice, I use the notes section to list children and their contact information, caregivers agencies (names, shifts, and cell phones), preferred labs as required by insurance carriers, reminders of labs and other preventative studies that need to be discussed at the next visit.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Agree on increasing the size of Notes - it's a great place to hold Care Plans to share with staff, and some other clinical info that happens between visits. Also might consider the option to be able to "pull in" sections of the note, such as "Care Plan", last visit dates, etc..

  • Joseph Koenigsmark commented  · 

    We use this note field to allow our personnel to talk to each other. We are in a highly monitored substance abuse program and being able to support our decisions when audited is essential. It must be much longer.

  • Mrs Jessica Jones commented  · 

    Hello! Our practice uses the side note field under the profile table to document extra insurance information and important notes having to do with scheduling, important billing/payment notes, patient's personal preferences, etc. However, we are constantly running out of room to add more content due to the strict character limit. If you could just add more characters, that would be a huge help to us and I am sure - many other practices as well. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Peter Yeung commented  · 

    Yes, agree. Increase the size, it's very narrow. And more characters. Unlimited would be great.

  • Mrs Bushra Kagzi commented  · 

    Please increase the number of characters allowed for this. We write patient communication logs, notes about eligibility, authorizations,etc in this field. The current number of characters allowed is too restricting.

  • Dr Janet Chan commented  · 

    Hi Please increase the size of this section. We use it to write misc. notes and it fills up fast. For example, we write notes about insurances, notes about the patient themselves (ex difficult patient), notes as to who is financially responsible for a child, notes about who they are related to (in case the child has a different last name from the parent), etc but it is a very small space and then we run out fast. It would be great one could write an unlimited amount! Thank you!

  • Mrs Jennifer Arens commented  · 

    Please increase the size/number of characters allowed. We use this section to date and record notes on elig/benefits/billing notes, etc and are starting to find we are running out of room. This section is important to save the elig/benefit history when we have "chart" audits.

  • Ariel commented  · 

    I use this field for "note to self" or "note to billing" info that needs to be easily referenced later, for example the cell number for patient's primary care provider, the number of visits this year their insurance authorized, a reminder to add a certain test to their next set of labs, contact information for the parents of pediatric patients (only one parent can be entered in the next of kin area, and many children have four parents), which past providers haven't yet sent me their records despite me faxing them a release form, etc.

    Making this field bigger would be a big help.

  • Janel Gagnon commented  · 

    I agree with all of the comments here. Please increase the number of characters that can fit in that notes space on the patient profile. We would like to use this space to record many types of communications with and about the patient. It is a space that is highly visible and easily accessible for all clinic staff members who interact with and on behalf of the patients.

  • Ms Sara Dannebrock commented  · 

    The box has a 500 character limit, but looks like it should hold 4 times that. It would be awesome to have a larger, expanding text box that holds many more characters. Our office uses that box to put referral information, notes about the patient that don't apply to the rest of the chart, other friends/families names that have signed off the HIPAA sheet to have access to the patients information and more.

  • Meghan Hoffman commented  · 

    The notes section of a patient's chart has a maximum for characters. Can we change that to fit more info? We can barely use half of the alotted space.

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    I would like to store ongoing referrals by the patient to my practice, Emergency contact Info; personal notations to remember about the patient's family; notable events in the patient's family; thoughtful acts and gestures by the patient and his/her family. Business account warnings or alarms. Patient Behavioral concerns that may needs special handling. Etc. Etc. Etc.

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    I feel my Patients' Profile Notes need more font capacity for needed information, e.g. their referral history to my practice and other personal notes. Can you double or triple the allocated memory for Patient Profile notes? Thank you.

  • MauDon Nguyen commented  · 

    Please increase the # of allowed characters in Patient's Profile Notes. There shouldn't be a limit. We need more space to input necessary medical information in order to meet patients' needs.

  • Dr Eric Wechsler commented  · 

    recommend expanding the content you can add to the notes section. This is where we add all the patient's doctors, pharmacy, lab location and numbers. Write now it cuts off any data that is beyond a half a page

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    When writing a note, have there be more space to include things like all of our auth status/reference number/eligibility/insurance information.

  • Mr Jason Carton commented  · 

    There is only limited space available for entering notes in profile section. Profile notes should have unlimited space as front office and billing team use to enter important notes in profile section like eligiblity & auth notes which vary from visit to visit.

  • Ms Jennifer Capone commented  · 

    Significantly increase the number of characters available in the Notes section under the Patient Profile tab. My practice makes home visits and uses this area to enter driving directions to the patient's home. Frequently, there are not enough characters for the full directions.

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