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Improving entry of Screening / Intervention / Assessment

It would be great if every time we added a screening/intervention/assessment, we did not have to scroll back up to add another. Every time one is added, the screen scrolls down.

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Dr Mitchell Akman shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Aliza responded  · 

Great news! We have updated the Screenings/Interventions/Assessments section of the encounter so that the note will retain its place when an item is added and unnecessary scrolling will no longer be required.

Thanks for providing all of your requests for this feature – we’re delighted to release it!


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  • Dr Derin Patel commented  · 

    It would be nice if we can click on commonly used screening/intervention/assessment rather than having to type and search everytime. Kind of like frequently used medication. Thanks

  • Mrs Eunice Recasas commented  · 

    I'd like to see the interventions on the summary page. We have to reflect screenings to our respective IPAs every 6 months. It would be great if we could have that on hand instead of searching for it in the patients visits. Thank you.

  • Edward Taubman commented  · 

    I undertand that we don't want to unnecessarily clutter the summary page but seeings what has been done at a glance so one knows what needs to be done is basic core functionality which is glaringly absent

  • Jean Stransky commented  · 

    I am also struggling with this. I need to search a variety of visits to check to see if a screening procedure was done.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be beneficial if we could see which screenings/interventions have been performed in the past. This would help us meets MIPS requirements and ensure that our patients have received the properly annual screenings.

  • Shawn A commented  · 

    When we see a patient, we should be able to look at the patient's summary page and see all of the previously entered information under "screenings, Interventions, Assessments. For example if I see a patient for follow up and am wondering when her last mammogram was, I should be able to see that information in summary page. This is currently not the case. Adding this feature will save providers time and improve patient care.

  • Linda Joyner commented  · 

    We need the Screenings listed on each encounter or on Summary page. You can not tell without going to the actual encounter where the Screenings were entered to see what you have done!!

  • Mrs Jennifer Muhammad commented  · 

    It is great that the screenings and interventions tools are able to be printed on the visit summary. However, the "Comments" section does not print. Please enable us with the capability to also print the "Comments" section from these tools, especially the Depression Screening.

  • Ann W commented  · 

    Agree to having preventive information on summary page, or Add a tab for preventive measures. You may refer to USPSTF for current guidelines. Most basic are: 1) Pediatric population: immunization, lead screening. 2) Women: pap smear, mammogram, bone density scan. 3) All adults > 50 y.o.: Colonoscopy. 4) Those with smoking history esp >30 pack years: AAA ultrasound and lung cancer screening.

    It would be nice to have these in one place. Providers can enter date of procedure, result, when it is next due.

  • Ms Stephanie Hutchens commented  · 

    When we get a screening done, it would be helpful to have an alert (like the immunizations in yellow) that comes up when an annual exam is due. Applying a field to tell PF if it is annual or recheck in ___ months.

    Auto triggered exams such as "if pt has DM with neuropathy, then needs diabetic foot exam". Having a "pt declined" checkbox on these alerts would also be appropriate to explain why on the audits.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We would like to know which patient we have done the screening. So at audit or chart check up it can be shown

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Agree with Whitney and Gaushal. Each doctor or practice should have the ability to enter or track any item they want in a spreadsheet fashion.

    Some of the items may be needed for pqrs, etc, but other items may be unique to a practice.

    annual lead levels for children in flint
    buy my special vitamins for $500 per year (kidding)
    someone else a biannual mammo
    date of their last annual wellness visist or preventative screening visit.

  • Whitney commented  · 

    Please, display it on the summary page so we may glance at what has been done and results without having to open each encounter.

  • Kaushal gupta commented  · 

    I agree. Feds, PQRS, MU, CQM etc are all requiring data on gender, age or disease base preventative screenings. for primary care we need annual flu shot, pneumo shot, pap, mammogram, diabetic eye and foot exam, urine protein, stool hemoccult, colonoscopy etc, not just lipid and Hba1c. it can be easily done in a EXCEL sheet blank in preventative box of PMH under Summary tab. Option to include it in visit note like lab flow sheet. this should be a complete flow-sheet that we can include what ever is important to us. we can follow it visit to visit to see if anything is missing. I did this in paper chart on a color coded sheet. i tried to copy it on Prevention section in PMH, but it does not flow well visit to visit. Plain blank EXCEL sheet would help and we can enter any items that need tracking. I sujjested this several years ago. you came back with lab flow sheet which is good but partial help. let us go one step furthur. i can provide copy of this preventative sheet again if you like. thanks

  • Dr Carla Lambert commented  · 

    If we could see this information on the summary page that would be extremely helpful!

  • OrionFalvey commented  · 

    I agree that having a Screenings section in the Summary page would help meet CQM/PQRS benchmarks.

  • Dr Fareesa Khan commented  · 

    Wow- I am having this same issue where you don't know if you have already documented it and have to look through your old notes to find it. If you have documented under screening/interventions than it should carry through from note to note. So, every new encounter opened when you scroll down the screening/intervention field should already be populated from a previous encounter. You should still have the ability to modify it if say the patient previously refused a colonoscopy but now you have been allowed to order it. Don't put this on the summary page because that means extra clicks for me to go to the summary page, find it and then go back to my encounter.

  • Sandy commented  · 

    I would prefer these screenings/interventions to be on the summary page of a patients chart, so that if you need to check if they've had a mammogram you don't need to go into the last encounter to find it.

  • Doctor B commented  · 

    It should be in a Preventive Care button in the PMH section and it should be organized by selection, as Diagnoses are, and with a "Sig" type field as in the Rx section to define the interval and next due date for each test or treatment. Currently I keep this info hand written in the top field of the PMH section but after I copy and paste the section into referral requests and consults I have to manually erase that preventive section because it's not relevant to the subspecialists and I hate sending any clutter in my documentation.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be great to have the screenings/intervention/assessments that have been documented for the patient saved under the Screenings/intervention/assessments heading with the date documented. Then on a return visit, when you go to finalize your SOAP note, you see the previously recorded screenings, etc. This will help eliminate duplication of screenings and help you see if you have missed any screenings for the PQRS CQM's.
    As it stands now, you have to go back and view prior office notes to see which screenings have been done. It would be much easier if the screenings, etc were saved so they could be seen when you finalize any future office visit. Thanks.

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