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New Patient Report

We would like to have feature that generates a list of daily, weekly or monthly new patients

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Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Aliza responded  · 

Hi everyone – As of 1/24/2017, we have released a new Appointment Report to all of our practices. This report allows practices to review and filter appointments by facility, status, provider, and date. Once the report is run, practices can also view the list of appointments based on Appointment Type, e.g. “New Patient”. This report can also be printed.

For detailed information, you can read more about the new Appointment Report here:


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  • Jose commented  · 

    I agree with the export to Excel or sort by appointment type.

  • Mr Ray Harrison commented  · 

    agree with the comments below regarding export to Excel and ability to see the types of visits that have been scheduled.

  • Mr Ray Harrison commented  · 

    this report is nice and should help a lot with understanding the results of appointment activity, however it does not answer the request to be able to track new patients. This would be better served by adding a field to the patient list reports that states when the patient was added to the database.

  • Mr nasfe healthcare commented  · 

    This is great, thank you!
    May I suggest having the ability to also generate CCDAs for those patients listed in the report?

  • Chawntele Flowers commented  · 

    The report is currently run based on the appointment status. This is not especially helpful for the reports I want to run for my practice. Most of my appointments are now in the "seen" status, but I need to know information according to the type of appointment (new patient; follow up; nurse visit).
    Being able to run specific types of reports (ie: new patient; unique/ unduplicated visit; nurse visit; etc) for grant proposals, status updates and board meetings would be a great addition and time saver.

  • Dr Tasleyma Sattar commented  · 

    I agree with the export to Excel or sort by appointment type.

  • Mrs Mary Olin commented  · 

    would love to be able to run a report for JUST a certain type of appointment - ie how many new patients have I seen in the past week......without having to sort through the other types of appointments

  • Dr Tina Johnson commented  · 

    The ability to download this report into excel or into a .csv report would be more helpful than just printing.

  • Mrs Barb Horman commented  · 

    I would love to have a report on all of our new patients and returning patients. This would help with our staffing needs, busy times of the day etc.

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