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Add Documents as main tab in patient chart

Under CHARTS, when viewing a patient chart there are main tabs for SUMMARY, TIMELINE, and PROFILE. We frequently reference scanned documents and have to navigate too many menus just to view the list of scanned documents for a patient's clinical encounter.

Please elevate Documents to a main tab. This will also help Quality Control in ensuring the proper documents have been signed by the patient

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Dr Patrick Labelle shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Nanc McNamar commented  · 

    Simply create a section in the patients chart with all their documents. everything regarding a patient must be in one place.

  • Rodica Ball commented  · 

    when trying to find documents in a patients chart you have to go through too many different menus to get to the screen that you want.

  • Dr. Izakson commented  · 

    Absolutely. This is very important.

  • Dr Jordan Tishler commented  · 

    Absolutely agree. Also documents should be attachable to visits (encounters) as well as just to the patient generally.

  • DocMom27 commented  · 

    I agree. Also the document tab under tasks should have the patient name and a drop down menu to list document types. I keep going in under home/ documents so I can review all the labs, for example.

  • CMK commented  · 

    Documents must appear in the timeline

  • Ms Bindu Nair commented  · 

    A real problem...we have so many scanned document to review for a visit...please think of how many clicks...the previous setup was good, as we could see all the documents in the chart and open as needed. Also now when we open the document,the size is so small, we have download, another step. How many steps and clicks to see EACH document? Please fix

  • Chris Schlack commented  · 

    This measure is taking way to long jumping from charts to documents. All scanned documents needs to go back into the PT's charts. I think the tab for documents is good to keep but it also needs to be in the patients chart.

  • Andrea commented  · 

    It would be nice to have that on the summary page with all the other impt stuff like encounters, msgs, meds, PMHx, etc. Tabs are also great. Would like to be able to customize according to MY needs.

  • Andi Potter, Office Manager commented  · 

    Absolutely agree, our practice works primarily with scanned documents and all this jumping around is pretty cumbersome.

  • Dr Roderick Vergel de Dios commented  · 

    and Maybe ADD LABS/Imaging there as a TAB and will allow Bioreference Labs and Radiology to fall in the TAB of LABS or better LABS/RAD

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    As a visiting physicians practice we are flooded with documents from home health and hospice agencies, as well as out patient lab and diagnostic companies on a weekly basis. Some streamlining on document navigation would be much appreciated.

  • Robert Cohenour MD commented  · 

    My charts have many outside scanned documents that I need to access with each patient visit and accessing them now is much more time consuming and cumbersome as if they were not part of the patient's chart. Please put a documents tab at the top of all charts.

  • Doctor B commented  · 

    Also please let the document display in 100% size. Right now the document comes up as a tiny thumbnail which is impossible to read so I have to click a few times to zoom up and also reposition it, before I can read it.

  • Stephanie commented  · 

    It takes twice as many clicks now going from a chart note, then to timeline, then to signed documents, then open the document, then back to chart note to document the results. After that, if you try to reference the document again by going back to the timeline, the document is gone and you have to go through that whole process all over again. Please fix.

  • Diana commented  · 

    Our practice would really appreciate this feature also. Please do! Thank you

  • Kirby Knox commented  · 

    I can really use this in my practice. One option would be to add a link or list of documents to the patient summary tab. I currently need to check for a particular document for each of patients for every visit. It is very time consuming to have to go to the Home page and enter the patient's name and do a search for every one of my appointments.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree. We have several scanned documents and need to search through each section to see if there is a document. Can we at least add an "all documents" option so we can see if there is a scanned document?

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