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Customize Referrals

As a specialist, I send many more "consultation reports" than "referrals." It would be nice if the referrals looked more like a letter as I used to send in the pre-digital age. Specifically, I just sent a consultation report to a referring physician that had my note and my digital signature separated by the patient's insurance information. My referring physician already had the patient's insurance information, so there should be a way to delete this. More customization options, please.

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Dr Barry Press shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Dr Janet Chan commented  · 

    The referrals are a great feature in practice fusion. They save me a lot of time, however, the writing area for referrals is too small. I have to constantly scroll up and down. Often, I end up writing a letter on a word document and then copying and pasting it over. It would be nice to have a larger working area to write and also to be able to customize the report. For example, it would be nice to add a cc: John Doe, MD after the signature of the physician as is often seen on referral letters.

  • Mr David Price commented  · 

    Agreed. Practice Fusion needs to look at the workflow from the Specialist Point of View. Specialist have distinct needs from Primary Care Physicians.

  • Dr Benjamin Schaffer commented  · 

    When I write and fax a thank you letter to a referring doctor, it counts against the dashboard numerator for referrals outbound. Create a letter specifically for thank you notes and inbound referrals that won't count against the referral denominator.

  • Dr Grace Torres-Hodges commented  · 

    If there is a way to even change the Subject line in the Referrals/Response Letter...that will allow those of us who are specialist to "customize" the correspondence.

  • Joseph D'Angelo commented  · 

    I agree with this. Right now I am just using the whole Referral feature in PF for my consultation letters, or more precisely, a "cover letter" for my consult note, which despite it being in a SOAP format, has a greeting, salutation, and signature. I do not think this really is a problem in terms of statistics or anything (although if anyone is collecting referral data, it is all wrong), but it would be ideal to just tweak this a bit into a Consult Report feature.

  • Dr George Marzouka commented  · 

    Likewise. I get referrals and I send back consultations reports. Would like the option to generate a letter/fax to another physician and/or the referring physician.

  • Dr. John Moglia commented  · 

    Is it possible to fax specialist soap note to referring physician with thank you note?

  • CMK commented  · 

    We appreciate the fact that PF ad has been abbreviated and moved to the bottom.

    I suggest creation of a space on top of the Consultation Report (and / or the Referral Letter) to import & paste the sender's practice logo.

    I suggest insertion of a standard Warning / Disclaimer about the Fax containing PHI and if "You are not the intended recepient of this fax...." etc. on the front page of the fax.

  • Kgrosso commented  · 

    The specialists are adapting the referral letters to send consultation letters and the primary care doctors end up receiving and printing 5 pages. It would be nice if there was an option designed specifically for consult letters that printed out on 1-2 page.

  • elaine commented  · 

    I am primary care and also need to send lab and imaging reports for my referrals. How attache these?

  • Ms Michelle Miller commented  · 

    Agreed, it would be most advantageous to be offered a customized tool which could be for sending imaging results or updated clinical notes to primary or secondary doctors.

  • Ms Michelle Miller commented  · 

    Our office is a specialty facility and utilizes the "referral" option to forward updated clinical notes to primary physicians and surgeons. It would be a valuable asset to allow the customization of referrals, especially the ability customize the type such as patient update, referral, imaging results, or requested documents (once we are able to attach documents). Currently, the fax cover always says Referral but that is not always what we use the "referral" option for.

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