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Custom Auto-Lock Time

We would like to customize how long the EMR stays open before auto lock out.

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Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

For security and regulatory purposes, the Practice Fusion EHR will auto-lock and require password to be unlocked after a period of idle time. Currently, this timer is set to 15 minutes because certain states require the time to be 15 minutes at minimum. We are investigating ways to improve this security feature, which may include customization in the future.


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Any chance you will implement this feature to user setting the log out time??? I find this feature time consuming and frustrating.

  • Jon commented  · 

    Yes it's very frustrating. I can take a call or do any other activity and Everytime it seems it locks and needs the password. Please add this feature.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree! It is very frustrating an time consuming to have to keep logging back in.

  • Dr Anthony Caruso commented  · 

    I agree. Frustrated on how often I have to log back in

  • William LeBaron commented  · 

    Reiterate Dr. J. B. Goldstein's observation, 5/19/2015.

  • Dr. NH commented  · 

    30 mins would be good.

  • Dr Samuel Sharmat commented  · 

    If it depends on the State, how about setting the timer based on practice location? I don't know what the requirement is in New York; but, if it's longer, I would really like that - I'm a provider who typically sees patients for 25 minutes or more, and the lockout (combined with the network lag) slows me down repeatedly throughout the day.

  • Scott Stegall commented  · 

    I needs to be a setting that can be changed. There are lots of variables that come into play in deciding which computer needs to log out when and it should be a user setting. If it is a HIPAA issue then it will be for me, the user, to deal with. I work with several different EHRs in different places and most don't have any automatic logout unless it is set by the user and some don't even offer it as a feature.

  • Zak commented  · 

    Wow, I find this feature time consuming. As a receptionist, I need to check-in my patients, and sometimes I'm not using PF for the allotted time. When I have to check my patients in, I then need to do twice as many steps rather than simply clicking to check them in. It can be confusing to the doctors and the MAs, if I miss their check-in because I'm not properly setting them in the time I need.

  • Ms Veronica Pete commented  · 

    Thanks for considering; 30 minutes is a good starting point - please try to make this happen soon.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    30 minutes would be much better. Our appointments are set up on the hour or on the half hour, so I have to log in again every time I schedule. I'm in front of my computer he whole time, just not on Practice Fusion.

  • Melissa commented  · 

    Ok thank you!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    this needs to be 30 minutes

  • Piotr commented  · 

    30 minutes would suffice.

  • Jan Brown commented  · 

    I agree, 15 min is too short a time, glad you are working on this

  • Barbara Smith commented  · 

    I agree 15 minutes is entirely too short before automatic lock out. It is time consuming and annoying to constantly be logging back in with the password.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    15 minute MAXIMUM I would presume you mean... but I agree, it is much too short. If patient encounters last 16 minutes or more... you have to log in after every patient. Not to mention, some of the providers are in a very secure location in our own office where there is no privacy issues. This isn't a hospital location where we left a computer logged on to our personal account. Let us make that call if the gov't allows.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    The lock out time should be variable depending on personnel.

  • Hi Dr. Goldstein--there are more than HIPAA (federal) concerns here. Each state has their own situation as well. And, as your EHR vendor, we are required to implement certain boundaries in the technology (for instance, we can't just allow people to create passwords that are 3 characters long). We are looking into making this auto-lock time setting more customizable for each practice, but there will likely be a minimum amount of time required for each state.

  • Dr. Jacob B. Goldstein commented  · 

    If each state is different, then at least allow those users in the states that allow a longer log out interval to have it.
    Then again, I've never understood this concept in the first place. Aren't there parameters and features in the this EHR that can get the user in trouble if misused and the Practice Fusion Administration has no control over? The log out feature should be something that the user sets. If there's a HIPAA infraction, doesn't the responsibility fall on the user?

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