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Print Entire Patient Chart

I need to print a patient's entire chart, including labs and documents. It is very inefficient to have to open each lab and print each one separately. i should be able to select all the labs I would like to print and click print to get all of them.

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Tzirel Katz shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Deborah Seelig commented  · 

    We receive requests for medical records for various reasons, including payor and medical legal requests. ALL records are requested which we are legally bound to provide.

    1. Can PF incorporate ability to print out the ENTIRE patient chart (labs, ALL uploaded PDF's, photos, etc., etc.), associated with the entire particular patient care), not just the one that prints out all Encounters, demos, ins., etc. that is currently active?
    Current "Print Chart"; tab does not really print it out in its entirety. Documents from hospitals, images, labs, etc are considered part of the chart after all. Currently, those have to be opened up individually and printed out separately.

    2. Can PF enable CHRONOLOGICAL print-out capability for ALL documents, including the uploaded PDF's?
    Current "Print Chart" action yields reverse chronological print out that is very difficult to assure every single page of a chart is included, can be counted to assure veracity of the entire chart being provided.
    Charges are also dependent upon precise number of pages.

    3. Can PF enable each section to print out individually for clarity-sake?
    Currently, "Print Chart" prints sequentially as one large, long file, that makes it hard to find sections.
    It is also tremendously easier to review records contemporaneously for chart reviews, etc.


  • Ms Kristin Kali commented  · 

    I would feel so much better about Practice Fusion being a paid product if I didn't have to spend hours downloading and combining labs and documents into a PDF in order to print the chart.

  • Dr Craig Ross commented  · 

    This is my #1 time waster when I get requests for records. Please make this high priority. Please, please.

  • Isis Robles commented  · 

    Adding this feature will save HOURS of work, the current method is too time consuming.

  • Ms Kristen Krause commented  · 

    When the patient transfers out of the office and the entire record is to be sent to another provider it would be really nice to have signed documents and labs tab in the "print chart" feature. That way we can easily choose to send these records to another provideer. Right now it takes me about 30 minutes a chart to go through each signed document individually, under signed documents, wait for it to launch print it, then close it, then scroll all the way down to the next one. If I have to take a call or help a patient inbetween printings- then I totally have to figure out where I left off. PLEASE ADD TO PRINT CHART FEATURE!! Or add a Transfer of care feature.... Its really nice that in Fax Referral we can add a signed document or 2. Can it be like that? Except for print chart?

  • Megan Sypolt commented  · 

    this would be SO helpful!!! my job is printing patients charts for medical records and it is very hard to do with printing each page alone

  • Whitney Hayes commented  · 

    We need to be able to print an entire chart and not be limited to 50 notes. This is very time consuming and labor intensive for our front office. It's making more work for everyone. Please change this back to being able to print the entire chart-all the chart notes. Would also be nice to be able to print labs and docs, etc, instead of opening and printing them all separate.

  • Christa Mattingly commented  · 

    In addition to my other comments - another extremely ineffective feature of having to print notes individually is, after printing each note, the note summary page reverts all the way back to the top/most recent note - leaving me to scroll through about 100 notes after printing each note.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    it never fix, able to print multiples lab order results at the same time. and encounters notes.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I need to be able to print all documents pending or signed.

  • Nicholas Powell commented  · 

    Our office gets an excessive number of record requests that average about ten to twenty a day. Individually selecting documents to print/download them is a labor intensive process, especially when patient charts can exceed well over a hundred separate documents. This feature has been a requested feature now for years and we really need a solution for this.

  • Christa Mattingly commented  · 

    We used to be able to print a patient's FULL chart without having to go into each note individually - it is now limiting to just 50 notes, but we get requests for SSI for notes beginning Jan. 1 - and with it being October and patient's having multiple appointments each week - this is not a feasible option. We should be able to print the full chart as needed.

  • Dr. Adler commented  · 

    To meet legal requests for medical records they often request a complete record from start date to end date. I would like an option to print to a PDF the entire record with these date parameters - including the entire chart - encounters, messages, E-prescriptions, documents, lab reports, activity record, plus the needed profile, and summary - leaving nothing out. This should be in chronological order

  • Rachael commented  · 

    I am a medical records field tech, there are times that more than 100 charts will need to be retrieved. Saving files to a flash drive one by one is extremely tedious, and not very cost effective. This is one of the biggest challenges of all the EMR programs. There should be a simple way to export the charts, or at the very least, print them all in just a few steps.

  • Tana Bagley commented  · 

    Please add ASAP. We are wasting soo much time having print out individual documents when sending charts to insurance companies and patients. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE

  • Tzirel Katz commented  · 

    labs and documents signed and imaging.
    I need to print all or selected lab results or documents in a patient's chart - it is very confusing to have to open up each result and pri
    There should be a way to select all results that need to be printed without having to open up each result. It gets really confusing and is very time consuming when I need to print a large chart

  • kristina commented  · 

    As I am looking at other comments here, I have to agree that there needs to be a PRINT CHART button that includes options of signed documents as well as messages. It is time consuming to open each and every document. The margin for error is also very high due to the fact you can miss certain documents that may be crucial in a medical records request. It is so easy to lose track of where you left off as you click back and forth.

  • Lonnie Veal commented  · 

    Primary Care Doctors need the ability to Print the ENTIRE chart to PDF function that also includes the automatic Inclusion/appending of ALL the patient's Scanned In Documents. Particularly for PEDIATRICIANS, a portion of our client population will regularly move and change Doctors.

    When a Patient moves to another PCP, the NEW PCP each want and need ALL the Chart Data, including the Specialists Reports.

    At the moment, when a Patient or a new PCP sends me a Request for Chart's a major job to open and APPEND each Separate scanned PDF into an assembled file...especially if it's a patient with multiple issues.

  • Dr Anshuman Jyoti commented  · 

    There needs to be a way to print separate sections of the chart. We see a lot of Worker's Compensation patients who constantly/consistently need print-outs of all their past visits. There currently is no way of doing this, as far as I understand it? I have to create a Word Document for these patients when it could be a simple print button near the appointment section in the chart.

  • Gresham Counseling and Therapy LLC commented  · 

    When printing chart notes, I would like each encounter note printed to include the documents attached to the encounter.

    When printing a chart, current options allow for the printing of specific sections and encounters, but there is no way to batch print attachments with each encounter. There isn't even a way for me to look at the printout and know which encounters have files attached. I have to open each encounter to see if there is an attachment, and if attachments are present, I have to print each attachment individually. This is highly time-consuming.

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