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Send Supervising Physician to pharmacy

NPs in Texas have to have the supervising physicians name on prescription. Is there a way this can be added as a structured field to e-prescriptions? At this point I have to add it to each individual prescription.

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Mary Crouse shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Ms Deborah Edington commented  · 

    My supervising physician does not use the Practice Fusion platform for EHR entries. He is therefore not listed in the pulldown list. I have to type his credentials in the note line of every prescription. Can there be an information line where the supervising physician details can be entered without having to pull them from an internal database?

  • Dr Mehmood Mehdi commented  · 

    Georgia NP/PA prescribers require the MD listed on the printed Rx'es as well. I feel if it is selected as an option when prescribing then it should also be a printable option automatically. And we will need this setup like yesterday.

  • Ms Lynn Allison commented  · 

    Need this now for PA-C in Maryland. In general physician assistant licenses are linked to the the supervising Rx, so there needs to be an option to chose to print this for scheduled medications.

  • Hannah Frazee commented  · 

    Is this still not resolved? I'm trying to print a controlled substance and there is an (unusable) box where I should be able to put the supervising MDs name. Having to write that in every time is very annoying

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I am in Massachusetts. This has been coming up for Optum Rx mail order for a year, and now Express Scripts for non controlled even.
    They still want me to add the Supervising MD along with the NPI and address.
    I have been having to add to the body of the script which is extra work. Can these please be added to the format somehow?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    A new regulation from the Virginia Board of Pharmacy requires all mid level practitioner's to have supervising physician's name on paper script for CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES only.

    It does give me the option to choose it but when I go to print out the paper script, the name is not on there.

  • Theresa M. Smith commented  · 

    This is not a consistent issue in Massachusetts where we also have Supervising Physicians however the issue has come up randomly. I've received a couple of calls when I send Schedule II meds and more often with labs so it would be better to just include it. It is on my paper scripts. Thank you.

  • Dr Michelle Cochran commented  · 

    We really need this option of having the physician supervising on the script in order to comply with STATE Law.... could we get this as a default please. MC

  • Dr Boyde Harrison commented  · 

    Dr. Harrison is the chairman of the board of Medical examiners in Alabama. There is conversation at the AMA and possibly CMS that could prohibit EMR/EHR that do NOT comply with state law from being used in the state if the printed prescriptions are not legal. Since several states require the collaborating or supervising physician to have his DEA on the CRNP prescription this should happen very quickly.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It's the same here in TN. We are mainly an NP based practice and this is extremely important! We need ASAP!

  • Nikki commented  · 

    We need the same thing in Georgia!! Please add this as soon as possible.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We need this in TN as well. Please help prioritize this for us. thanks!

  • Branden commented  · 

    Hello Practice Fusion,

    This is a requirement for us too! Please add this functionality asap!

  • Cheryl Mazur commented  · 

    Yes please. We need this in our pain practice for printed rx as well as e-scribe.

  • Cheryl Mazur commented  · 

    Same for PA-C's in Colorado. This is an important feature that is needed in the printed and e-script section. Please give us a place to type in the supervising physician's name and DEA.

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