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Merge Duplicate Patients

Occasionally, duplicate patient records are created. We would like to have the ability to merge duplicate patients' information.

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Lizette Santiago shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Jennifer commented  · 

    When adding new patients into the system an alert for a potentially making a duplicate chart would be amazing! For instance, we have had new patients cancel their new patient consults and not reschedule. Later, the patient will call back and never inform us that they have called in the past and have setup with our practice thus two accounts get created by accident.

    Or implementing a feature that allows a chart merge if two accounts are created would be great also. Patient charts that are marked as Non-active continue to populate in lists when scheduling and assigning documents to charts. So if we have two charts for the same person and we have already merged them manually and marked one of them as non-active, when we schedule an appt or attach a document both names populate and there is no way to tell which account is the current one from the non-active one. Maybe creating an indication that one chart is active vs non-active could be helpful. In the mean time we have been changing the name of the non-active chart to 'duplicate' to stop this problem.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This really needs to be done and soon or let a duplicate record be deleted.
    Having two records is confusing to new users.

  • Mrs BRENDA MCKEEN commented  · 

    Several times a month we have an issue with PF creating duplicate patient charts.

  • Mel commented  · 

    I want this also

  • B-MAK commented  · 

    I agree
    would be nice to have a duplicate search as well

  • Dan Pollack commented  · 

    There should be a way to combine charts when multiple charts exist for one patient; and to delete charts when a duplicate is made.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Certainly need to be able to merge duplicate charts.

  • Dr Angus Matheson commented  · 

    The hardest part are the signed labs. We can copy and past the notes that are put in the wrong chart, which while it is a pain can be done. But the labs are stuck. And if the chart being moved from in made inactive, it is almost impossible to find the other chart. This happens mostly when a "Tom" or "Thomas" or a name with a funny spelling that gets put in the the tarditional spelling. So a new chart is made, with a note or two until someone realizes what happened. I think a better search for patient's where the spelling doesn't have to be exact would be more usefull and would dramatically reduce this problem - and help much more.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Merging duplicate charts would be very helpful to correct errors on your end & ours...

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes I agree we need to be able to merge duplicate accounts.

  • Dr Seema Gupta commented  · 

    Practice Fusion has it so you can flag a chart and make it invisible during search, which is fine. I would prefer it if charts could be deleted all together, or perhaps have a system that alerts you if a new chart you're making has the same name and birth date as an existing one, but that's a whole other issue. There is a problem with scheduling where duplicate charts are not ignored if they have been flagged and can be seen when trying to add a new patient. Please try to fix this for the accuracy of our records so that encounters are not entered into flagged/ incorrect charts.

  • Mrs Anita Johnson commented  · 

    Yes, this is something we need to have. Duplicate charts are a problem. Please give us the opportunity to merge and/or dedele.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I believe this is possible by assigning the selected MRN to the secondary profile. Then all visits appear under the selected MRN.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Duplicate charts have become a HUGE problem since the new interface went live. Being able to merge duplicate charts would alleviate a tremendous amount of frustration, annoyance and risk due to duplicate charts. I think this should be a very high priority at this point. My office had only had one problem with a duplicate chart being created with the old PF interface. Since this new interface went live, it's happened six times in four months. This is a huge liability risk. It needs to be prioritized to find out where the problem exists in the new interface and building in a simple way to merge the dupes into a single chart to correct the problem.

  • Nor See commented  · 

    Please make deletion of a duplicate chart an option. Inactivation only goes so far. One can still set an appointment for the wrong chart.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please let that be an option. For our practice we have both in and out patients and sometimes our inpatients become out patients. We can not merge this accounts as it's a different type of billing.

  • Dawn commented  · 

    This is indeed a problem. I support the idea to merge duplicate patients. An alert should also if name and DOB has been created in our system. It would be helpful to be able to have a choice of a font color of RED for name alerts as well.

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