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Kiosk Mode for Patient Intake and Appointment Booking

Think of the retail health clinic setting. A kiosk mode would allow for new patients to enter the practice more easily. I would like to open a retail-based clinic, and it would be very simple to setup a kiosk (enclosed PC/iPad) out on the store floor. Computers and iPads have the native ability to be "locked down" which prevents users from accessing certain functions or websites. I would like to setup an enclosed iPad right outside my door so I could run a locked down browser to my online booking page. That way I could get more new patients. And once a patient is enrolled into the system, they can then elect to book future appointments by going directly to the website from home. The Kiosk-Capable Online Booking page would need to be free of non essential links. So there shouldn't be links to "Log in" etc. Kiosk mode would only be for getting those who were not already members into the system at the very time they were seeking out a particular provider. I see this helping the retail-based or convenient care outfits. The "physical thumbprint" of an online booking page kiosk will help to educate visitors of such services as patient fusion. And as patients become more engrossed into the functionality of Patient Fusion then it allows for better collaboration between doctors and patients (better care). So a new patient comes to the retail outlet and sees my office. They go to the kiosk (locked down web browser) to schedule an appointment. I accept it and go about treating the patient. And from there our relationship is continued over the Practice Fusion/Patient Fusion airwaves. The trick is to get them into the system to begin with :-)

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  • Dr Frederick Lerner commented  · 

    Usually our patients have to sign in on a HIPAA-compliant physical sign-in sheet. That system normally is one in which the staff would peel off the signature line and embed it in a patient's physical chart.

    I would like to see a way that a patient could sign in electronically on a PC or iPad or similar device when they arrive. Only their name would be visible. It should simultaneously enter that into their PF chart while changing the schedule status to "Arrived."

    Is there a 3rd party software/hardware that does this already?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I vote Yes, sounds like a good idea.

  • Ashley commented  · 

    Please consider adding this function. It would be very helpful.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I'm new to practice fusion and am surprised to learn this option is not available. It would be very helpful to have.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This would be immensely helpful

  • Megan Spires commented  · 

    This would be super helpful, especially since some people schedule same day new patient appointments and we do not have the capability in our office to have them fill out their Patient Intake forms electronically.- we end up resorting back to paper.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This would make Practice Fusion so much more valuable.

  • Dr INNA VERZUB commented  · 

    It would be great for patients to sign in on a tablet connected to practice fusion. Like "Check In" to eliminate the sign sheet

  • WC Lee, MD commented  · 

    To help expedite a busy office I think it would be a great idea, it Practice Fusion were to create a Patient intake form that can be completed at the Doctor's office like in a Kiosk.

    This would improve efficiency in the office. Also many older patients do not have email and are unable to fill out these forms at home.

  • Dr Matthew Reppert commented  · 

    Why not just make an app specifically for check in? Of course, a pc/mac version (web-based) would work too!

  • Rose George commented  · 

    Yes - we need something like this! Someway to get the intake packet to the patient immediately.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Can I vote thrice on this please!!!!

  • Mr David Bertrand commented  · 

    It would be great to have online check in for patients. For example a link from a tablet or smart phone that our pts. can check themselves in and fill out any forms that need to be filled out.

  • Mr Adetunji Oshun commented  · 

    Can you allow patient self check-in in the lobby, completing demographic, payer and medical form right before seeing the doctor

  • Meera commented  · 

    Yes I agree

  • Art commented  · 

    Create a patient check in, linked with any kind of tablet

  • Dr Peter Chien commented  · 

    We use another scheduling and appointment booking system. Instead of having check in or patient intake only via an appointment email, please allow the check in forms available to be filled out in the office or via a link that we send (perhaps using a practice access code).

  • Dr Aparna Dandekar commented  · 

    Yes, I agree with Scott Resnick's comment. What if we need to schedule a same-day appt? We can't send the intake form a week and a day before such an appointment!

  • Dr Faiq Hasan commented  · 

    Our practice has a lot of Medicare patients who are elderly and not very comfortable or even computer literate and cannot do this without some help and lot of them don't even want to create or have to deal with emails. It would be very good if our office staff could help them along with this process when they arrive for their appointment. Please implement this. This is extremely important and I am sure a lot of PCPs serving medicare patients will agree.

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