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Allow non-recipients of a message to reply to a message about a patient

This issue arises if a staff member is out of the office and another staff member needs to address the issue. Sometimes one staff member begins to address an issue with a patient and writes a message, but another staff member follows up on it.

Now if a message was not sent to us, it is viewable in the patient's chart, but a new, separate message has to be created rather than keeping the particular issue on one email string.

There is the option to "send to entire practice," but that is cumbersome since it clutters everyone's inbox with messages that are not for them.

Messaging in a medical clinic cannot function like personal email since often multiple staff need to be involved in addressing a particular issue with a patient.

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Dr Paul Dibble shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Mrs Sharie Dengler commented  · 

    This should be a priority fix. It used to be that you could intercept a message. It a HUGE problem for messages sent to PF users that have become ill, left the practice, etc....PLEASE...fix this problem.

  • Heather Hughes commented  · 

    This is an absolute must! Our office staff is made up of part-time employees, and they need the ability to see what messages are sent to the physician and pending when the staff member who took the original message is off-shift.

  • Courtney Surls commented  · 

    This is very necessary! It keeps things clean and concise!

  • Ms Lisa Krum commented  · 

    I agree - this is a huge flaw in the system, and would be very helpful if anyone could reply to a message.

  • Taryn commented  · 

    YES!! THIS SHOULD BE IMPLEMENTED ASAP. This would be VERY helpful to have.

  • Michelle Caggia commented  · 

    Allow all users to see each others message box so they can assist on outstanding work

  • Erica commented  · 

    Before the update this year, PF used to allow anyone to respond to a message - which was great! Anyone who logged into the chart could read the message, open it and respond to it, add more info, etc.
    After the update, now only the sender and receiver can do anything with the message. This creates more work and confusion for everyone. This forces us to create a new message each time & is a great way for things to get lost in communication.
    Please review & fix this feature to give anyone in the practice the ability to add to, reply, or archive a message. This will be such a HUGE help to our practice. THANK YOU!!!

  • Laura Sanchez commented  · 

    Agreed it would also be helpful to add the patients date of birth to the msg.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Make it possible for others to check off another's message that functions as their "to do list" in their messages.

  • OrionFalvey commented  · 

    I agree a reply all button would be very convenient.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This used to be a PF feature. I'm not understanding why it isn't presently a feature. We respond to messages as a group not one on one all the time. If a patient phones in with a question one day and then calls later with more information. It is best to put those messages together so we can respond as a practice to whomever takes the call.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Also, would be great to have a "reply all" function!

  • Rachel Marvin commented  · 

    There are multiple people in the office who handle patient messages so we need the option for patients to be able to message the entire practice instead of a message just going to one individual message inbox in case they may not be available.

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