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"Copy Plan" Button for faster Care Plan

Usually the Care Plan is the same Plan in the SOAP note.

It would be very useful if we can get a "one click button" that copy the PLAN to the care plan box.

Right now I have to "select all in the Plan -> Copy -> go to Care Plan -> Paste, which wastes clicks and time.

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Dr Gustavo Laabes Lic 17717 shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Ms Michelle Parsons commented  · 

    Agree - I have made custom templates for our practice but have to copay / paste the 'care plan' from the 'plan'. Can you make 'care plan' customizable in templates so that 'plan' can be short hand for dr & 'care plan' can be patient wording for EHR and printable to send home with patient - Thanks!

  • Ms Sabine Haake commented  · 

    Sabine Haake RD,

    Great time saver idea!
    It would be very helpful if the Care plan shows up on the Summary Page and auto-populates in every new note. This way it is easily accessible with one click into the client's chart and can be referenced by the clinician without having to go back and forth.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Excellent idea. Currently I copy and paste the plan- slow and tedious. The formatting is no longer maintained as it used to be making this method even more cumbersome now.

  • Adriana Wiseman commented  · 

    Any 1-click shortcuts are very welcomed, great suggestion

  • Dr Gary Donaldson commented  · 

    I would like to copy the Care Plan from one visit to the next. Or at least have it accessible for viewing in the same box as the prior visit's entries.

  • Pam dupont commented  · 

    Allow a duplicate copy of the plan in the soap note to be added at the same time to the care plan accessed by the patient. this will save time as I am having to copy and paste it after completing in the plam thanks.

  • Dr Melissa Black commented  · 

    I agree with poster before - I always select my plan and give that to the patient to take home. With the current template I have to copy it into "care plan." Then, when I view the whole note the information is duplicated twice, cluttering the note & screen. I would just chart right into "Care Plan" and leave "Plan" blank, but the Plan box has the ability to use template text for much quicker charting, so I am stuck pasting everything in twice. Please allow the option to have a single, templateable Plan box that is automatically shown in patient portal. Thanks.

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