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Increase Max File Size for Uploaded Documents

We would like to be able to upload larger files into the documents section of the EHR. The current maximum is too small.

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Jose L Adorno RDCS, FASE shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Jessica Petryszyn commented  · 

    I agree, as we are moving to Practice Fusion we are having a difficult time with the file size issue. We have pdf files of all the patients previous records are we are having to separate out the entire chart into smaller files just to be able to upload them. It is costing us a lot of time to do this. It needs to be higher, please.

  • Ms Sierra Rasmussen commented  · 

    25 MB is still a very small file size.
    Increasing the maximum file size upload to 100 MB would help many clinics.
    Some files at our clinic can contain up to 80 pages which is roughly around 80-85 MB. It is far too much of a hassle to have to divide and split whole files just so they will be able to upload to Practice Fusion.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    25 MB is still not very big, especially when you get records from other providers. Please keep working on this. Thank you.

  • Sydney commented  · 

    I would be nice to be able to upload documents up to 100 MB in size.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Patient records that are sent via CD's. These files are often over a 100 pages and password protected as a PDF file (pages cannot be separated). Our medical staff is now using notebooks and cannot insert the CD into their computers, so being able to upload them into the patients files would make life much easier.

  • Dr Christy Seed commented  · 

    patient records from prior PCP or specialist - 40 page documents

  • brandon commented  · 

    Our patients old charts require us to break them into many sections when uploading with the 10mb file limit.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Many times we are adding medical records from other medical offices, perhaps the patient is changing providers from another clinic to ours.

  • Junjie commented  · 

    My MA just mentioned to me today, that they are unable to upload patient's old medical record. The old MR range from 20 pages to 120 pages. I guess it will need 30 MB also for most of MR uploaded without problem. In old version of Practice Fusion, we didn't have any issue in uploading old MR.
    I just read a few blogs. It seems this is not unique issue for me. Hope it will be resolved soon.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    The same thing happens when we try to scan patient's OLD charts in chunks. Can only do 30 pages at a time or so. Would like to be able to upload a zipped file or have some way around it. 30 MB would be nice.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I have same issue. Patient school send me a behavior evaluation report, which is 12 MB file.I am not able upload.

  • Ariel commented  · 

    Scanned medical records sent from past providers, even at low resolution, are often over 10 mb and have to be split in half to upload them. Usually the files I'm having to split are under 15 mb, so an increase to 15 mb would save me most of my trouble. Once in a great while a file will be over 20 mb (these are files with hundreds of pages, or shorter files with many pages that must be scanned in color). I've never had one over 30 mb.

  • Piotr commented  · 

    I think if you double the current limit it will help with that as usually when I hit my limit it's a little bit over but nothing crazy.

  • Jose L Adorno RDCS, FASE commented  · 

    We scan our treadmill reports and sometimes the file may have 30 pages. We have tried to scan the documents in low resolution but without compromising the ability to read the information. second would like to increase the number of paging of viewing documents to a fix number of ten. Third larger dialog box for previewing documents

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