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Block Scheduling Enhancements

Have a date range for adding or editing a schedule block for a provider. Currently, each block has to be entered manually in order to edit one, which is very time-consuming.

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Fran Moro shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Mrs Melissa Watson commented  · 

    SCHEDULE BLOCKING a whole day at a time and multiple days: Start date and time - End date and time

  • Mr Robert Horn commented  · 

    Block time needs the same kind of repeating options that appointment time has. Right now, the only way to set a block time repeating every other week is to do it manually and this is very frustrating.

  • Ms Helen Bowen commented  · 

    Please allow more freedom to block multiple days/times. I am needing to block (for one month only) one doctor, every day at 12:45 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. This means I have to go in and block 40 appts one at a time, very time consuiming. Any solution or ideas for doing this quickly is appreciated.

  • Mr Jonathan Nieves commented  · 

    Can we please have an option to block time for every other day or every either week?

  • Mr Matthew Andersen commented  · 

    Adding the ability for custom repeats on block scheduling would be helpful too. I would like to be able to make an ongoing block for a meeting that is held every other week, but there is no option to do that.

  • Molly Martinez commented  · 

    The loss of historical blocks is also problematic. When you end a repeating block, it takes out all of the past blocks. This is a loss of information as to why that period of time was not filled. It would also be helpful to allow each provider to establish start and end times for their daily practice.

  • Molly Martinez commented  · 

    YES!! Please enhance the "block" feature. Start and end times for repeating block times is a start. I'd also love to see an option for "Hold" and a "waitlist" function. These could be shown as lined through (versus solid grey) time blocks (similar to the "tentative" option in Outlook). Currently, if (for example) I want to move my lunch time one or two days, I have to end all of my lunch times and re-enter the repeating block when my lunch schedule is back to normal. Or, if I want to have a block repeat once a month or daily, I have to do this by hand since the only option is to repeat weekly on the same day each week.

  • Destiny commented  · 

    We would like to be able to block a full weeks schedule at one time. Like for Vacations or times out of the office

  • Teresa Naleway commented  · 

    There needs to be a date range for the blocks. Currently every time we want to block multiple days due to vacation, have to do EACH DAY which is too time consuming. Really, every block should have a date range; we already have a time range.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Absolutely agree. We really could use a way to put a date range in for the repeat option AND to be able to repeat daily for several days in addition to current repeat just on one day a week.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We need better flexibility to put in blocks. Putting in blocks should be similar to how they are in Google Calendar. Having an option to click for all day and start and end date/time. Also being able to make a change to block for one week there should be option to not have to change all the block scheduled.

  • Jeannette K. commented  · 

    It would make scheduling much simpler.

  • J Steve Mayo commented  · 

    One other reason for these changes is that we, in scheduling, find it very helpful to look over the past schedule. If that didn't concern us, and we were only forward thinking, then the past schedule wouldn't matter. It is a valuable resource. So if we change blocking, and it modifies the past schedules (as it would now), we lose that resource of historical information.

  • Pat M. commented  · 

    I would save a lot of time.

  • Mrs SARA YACKEY commented  · 

    Create an option in Block Times for consecutive days, or weeks, for example Vacations when a staff member will be out for multiple days

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It is frustrating not having an option for a date range. There are many instances when we need to block several days at once, as when the physician is on a business trip, or vacation. Doing it manually is extremely time consuming. In addition, when the doctor is working at another facility temporarily , (ex. every Monday for a few months) Practice fusion blocks it indefinitely. A date range in the repeat option would be really helpful.

  • Ms Cordelia Murphy commented  · 

    We really need this. I also agree with the provider shifts idea and the ability to block several days at once.

  • Linda commented  · 

    Would like to be able to block out a physician and no one be able to schedule an appointment during that block. Currently it leaves a gray line down the side of the schedule. However, you cannot always read what is says and appointments get made in error. Again, I would like to suggest perhaps a color block (i.e. red) and no one be able to make an appointment in the block time.

  • Mrs Patricia Folsom commented  · 

    the doctors have different schedules week to week so the only way I can make sure all know what times they are here is to block their schedules - it would work better if the block could have a start and end time, vs. the number of minutes....Thanks.

  • Mrs Amanda Clifford Bogle commented  · 

    In addition it would be very helpful if we could input the shifts for each provider every day and it automatically block off when the provider will not be there. We gave 6 providers and they do not have set schedules so it is very time consuming to put in blocks every day for each provider when they are not in the office.

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