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Send appointment reminder right after appointment is scheduled

It will be nice if new patients can have an access to patient intake right away. I understand that currently PF sends reminders one week and one day before the scheduled appointment. But in my practice, clients often want to come in right away, usually less than a week, sometimes in two days.

If the clients can receive reminders with patient intake right after they were scheduled, that will be great!

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Ms Miho Adkins shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    When is this going to be Implemented on the text reminders?

  • Lacie Wheeler commented  · 

    I agree with this, we have quite a few add on patients some same day and others same week it would be nice to have instant appt reminders as well as an instant link for intake form and a notification when they complete it!

  • Dr R J Fury commented  · 

    It has been years of patients standing at my frontdesk manually adding their appointment to their phone. I could just also send an instant reminder to be sent to the patient for the next appointment at the checkout desk. Allowing for them to add to their schedule with a single click, they could just hit add appointment.

  • Chris Hawkins commented  · 

    I would like to request something fairly simply;

    I would like for the software to send an email to the patient about the scheduled appointment immediately after the appointment has been scheduled, as well as 7 days before and 1 day before. One reason for this is because I would like to be able to tell the patient that they should be receiving an email shortly and for them to be on the lookout so that they can confirm their appointment, as well as fill out their patient intake documentation.

    Another reason for this request is because when an appointment is scheduled 6 days prior to the date of the appointment it will result in the patient only receiving an email 1 day before the appointment, which is fine, but being given the ability to send one immediately after the appointment is scheduled would come in extremely handy.

  • Laurie Troup commented  · 

    I would like the flexibility to choose one in appointment reminder is sent rather than a fixed one week ahead and one day ahead. Most of my patients are seen within the same week if not the same day.

  • Dr Shahram Hosseinion commented  · 

    When we schedule patient for appointment, automatically send patient an email stating an appointment was booked, and automatically email patient an appointment reminder 1 week and 1 day before their appointment.

  • Shelagh commented  · 

    My office can't use PF for booking patients as there is not an option for patients to receive an email to confirm their appointments at time of booking. Also it's problematic that patients receive their 24 hour reminder ONLY if their appointment was booked 48 hours in advance. And bc we can't use practice fusion to book appointments we can't use the patient form templates that pf provides as they go hand in hand with the scheduling module. So I am having to use another scheduling system to make appointments and gather patient demographics/info and have them sign forms and then manually put them into charts in PF to create the EHR. Any chance PF would be able to make the above changes?

  • Kory commented  · 

    Create an option where certain appointment types automatically send the patient a notification of the appointment being put on the schedule.

  • Jim Carlile commented  · 

    It is important to be able to send the intake form immediately after the appointment is made especially in pediatrics practices where over 2/3 of our scheduled appts are the same day. Please incorporate this request soon!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is very important. We need to be able to get the patients this information right away, not wait for it to be sent at an inopportune time.

  • Craig commented  · 

    Completely agree with Dr. Maloutas. I too missed the window. A patient called this morning, just after a cancellation for tomorrow. They were more than willing to fill out the intake form, but there was no way to get it sent to them.

  • Craig commented  · 

    If I schedule a last minute patient, I would like to send them their patient intake forms to fill out on the same day. That would also give me the ability to re-send the forms if there is an issue. Thanks!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Having online intake forms is helpful. However, currently only patients who schedule themselves receive this link automatically. If a patient calls the office and I schedule them, I have no way to smoothly send them the same intake form link. It would be wonderful if this were automatic for any new patient appointment, regardless of how it is scheduled.

  • Wendy Kurz commented  · 

    Send a confirmation email to patients at the time the appointment is made, as well as the current reminder emails.

  • Kristine commented  · 

    Patient recall list would be helpful to avoid patient's getting lost to followup.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    yes, we need to be able to send the patient the intake as soon as they make an appointment, not wait for it to be automatically sent. We see patients same day sometimes.

  • Dr R J Fury commented  · 

    Allow for an instant reminder to be sent to the patient for the next appointment at the checkout desk. Allowing for them to add to their schedule with a single click. Many patient are constantly typing to their calendar, when they could just hit add appointment.

  • Amy commented  · 

    I often make next-day appointments, and these patients never get confirmation emails, which means they also do not get an email with directions for creating a Patient Fusion profile, they cannot fill out an intake form, etc unless I individually invite them to the PHR and give them additional instructions. I would love to see an email confirming the appointment sent out immediately after scheduling an appointment, as well as the week and day before reminders. Thank you

  • Dr Eleni Maloutas commented  · 

    Reminders and intake forms should also be sent out once an appointment is scheduled. I am currently in the predicament where I missed (I am told by the PF Online chat rep) the 48-hour window and now my new patient will not receive neither an appointment reminder or the intake sheet to complete for his 1st visit because his appointment was scheduled today for tomorrow. This is not uncommon in the field of medicine, especially in an urgent situation.

    Is there a bypass?

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