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Keyboard Navigation of State Address Dropdown List

When adding an address in insurance or in patient information, we would like to be able to type the first letter of the state and have the state come up. Having to scroll down and select on is inefficient.

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Georgia shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Nina responded  · 

As of 10/27/16, you can now search for items within a drop-down menu by typing the first few letters, which will jump you directly to the desired item.


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  • Dr Elizabeth Collins ND commented  · 

    When I enter a patient's address, your pull-down state list doesn't let me enter letters to navigate. Please correct this.

    I think it should also remember my top 2 or 5 states and put them at the top of them menu.

  • J Steve Mayo commented  · 

    Currently, a mouse and scrolling is required to select the State when entering an address for a patient or payer. Please improve the user experience, so that a quick "W+A+TabKey" will select Washington, and move on to the next field.

  • Ms Cordelia Murphy commented  · 

    For instance: if I'm entering in a state, I should be able to press W and get Washinton and West Virginia (ie W brings up anything starting with W). This holds true for every dropdown I've seen in PF.

    Right now I have to scroll and hunt to get to where I'm going and its a pain.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    When I am to choose using a dropdown menu, such as state (for address) or insurance company, I should be able to start typing, and the drop down menu makes a suggestion. For example, when filling out a patient's address, I go to the dropdown for "state," I start typing the letter "T," and it automatically moves my choice to "Texas."

  • Mr J Kipp Lanning commented  · 

    State drop down under client profile should allow default to the state or at least for a key stroke jump to letter of state - prevents reaching for mouse.

  • Mr Danny Beattie commented  · 

    I've only been using PF for a little while but it is very frustrating having to scroll down the entire list for menu items. Thanks!

  • Doctor B commented  · 

    Great suggestion.
    And ditto for every single menu in the whole system.
    Typing a few letters and hitting Enter when the right one appears IN THE BOX -- INFINITELY BETTER than having to scroll through a menu of items you don't need to be thinking about in order to click on the one item you ARE thinking about. Now ... what was I thinking about?
    With Type/Autofill/Enter, you just type what you're thinking, hit enter when the right one shows up, move on. Greatly decreases thought process disruption, which is the major cause of death in this country. Medical errors from lack of concentration are exponentially more common than errors made from lack of knowledge or skill. I speak as an Expert Reviewer for the California Board of Medical Quality Assurance.
    I'm pretty sure Type/Autofill/Enter must be doable, since it's done in Chrome, Yahoo, Firefox, Amazon and every other search engine and browser in the known world.

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