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Assign Default Facility to Patient

Because we see patients in multiple facilities, we would like the ability to assign patients to the facilities where they are being seen. So the physician or ARNP only has to log in to PF, select the facility they are working in that day, and see the patients in that facility. Obviously the next option would be to reassign patients to other facilities if need be.

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Terri-Ann Brown shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This would be very beneficial to our practice.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be very helpful to be able to have patients identified with facilities where providers visit
    Does anyone have a work around for this at the moment?
    It is difficult and confusing trying to separate out the long term care facility patients for reporting and is creating problems

  • Ms Amanda Barnett commented  · 

    If just one facility name came up, this would eliminate error as well as keep the pt information up to date. This would also eliminate time spent searching for the correct name of a building.

  • Ms Kara Cooper commented  · 

    We see patients at several different practice locations including a clinic and care facilities. Under the chart section on the home page, it would be helpful if you could search by location and it could bring up a list of all our patients in that location. This would help us to keep better track of who/ how many we have at each location. Under the scheduling section, it allows you to choose a practice location and would be helpful if you could please add this feature to the charts section as well. I would like to know my total number of patients and the total number at each facility that are in Practice Fusion.

    Thank you

  • HU Healthcare commented  · 

    Filter reports for just one Facility or Clinic in a setting of a Practice with Multiple CLinics or Facility

    When exporting a report as a CSV file, it displays ALL patients; all facilities in a practice.

    There is currently no option to include only one facility at a time.

    It would be extremely beneficial to be able to run a report, export it and have it only include single facility. Not being able to do this is presenting a big problem and headache for our practice as we prepare to submit UDS and ALIRTS reports for HRSA.

    We need to be able to keep track of our each facility patient population and keep accurate records of how many patients each facility has as needed in preparing reports for UDS.

  • Sharon Halliday commented  · 

    Having Multiple Practices in one account. Restricting persons from one practice to view the patients and / or staff at the other Practice.

  • Mindy commented  · 

    We are requesting the ability to run a report containing Active patient's names that can be selected for a particular Provider and a for a particular Facility. We also need the ability to print that report.

  • Judith Carroll, Ph.D. commented  · 

    For those of us who work in nursing homes, it would help if you had a way for us to quickly print out a list of patients in a particular facility, without our having to go through the cumbersome "scheduling" page. We don't have "appointments."

  • Mindy commented  · 

    We have multiple providers and multiple facilities. Currently there is no way to run a report listing patients by provider or by facility. We very much would like to have this feature to be added to the patient reports.

  • Kirsty Gutierrez commented  · 

    We have multiple facilities in our practice. It would be great to have the ability to restrict a users access to the notes of our other facilities, to restrict providers from reading another providers notes. This assists with ensuring HIPAA compliance

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Need to be able to generate a patient list for each long term care facility that I visit.

  • Jinu commented  · 

    There are EHR accounts with different facilities linked together. But the issue in this idea is that the facilities can't separate their patients alone. When the patient's list comes up its the mixture of all the patients in different facilities.
    This makes confusion for the staff and also for the meaningful use it makes little confusion. It doesn't let you know which facility haven't done their job properly. It gives a better option to supervise too. If you could get a solution for this issue then it will be great, and we'll be very grateful.


  • Sylvia commented  · 

    Is it possible to add the preferred facility as a dropdown to set at the patient level? And then have the chart note inherit this value when starting an encounter? It is easy to forget to click the right facility for the right patient.

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