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Darker Fonts

I am having a difficult time seeing some of the text in the EHR. Can you make it darker?

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Mrs Michele Brooks shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Kay Hovious commented  · 

    Please improve the contrast. Current settings very hard on the eyes, difficult to read.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please make the fonts darker and bigger and instead of an all white background how a medium gray backgroud to CUT DOWN ON THE GLEAR??

  • Mrs Sherry Face commented  · 

    While the lighter shades of font color may be "pretty" it is not functional for those of us who work under harsh lighting conditions and you have to remember that not all of us have a 20 year olds' eyes. I have tried adjusting the contrast, etc. on my PC but none of it helps with being able to read the words in light blue, etc. (just look at the menu on the right of this page to understand what I am speaking about). It would be greatly appreciated if the fonts were in a darker blue, etc. so we could read them without gluing our faces to the monitor. Thanks.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please help us change our font to darker or show us how.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It is very difficult to see the gray and blue fonts under the bright lights. And, the font size is very small.

  • Ms Kathy Marrella commented  · 

    Too many mistakes being made when trying to see a phone number or date of birth with such light fonts, Needs to be fixed ASAP, tired of almost having to put my nose inches from the screen to see numbers.

  • Salman Akhtar commented  · 

    The light blue on white background is painfully illegible. needs to be black or the background different to create contrast.

  • Mr Mark DeBord commented  · 

    I agree. I struggle to read much of the light blue and the gray fonts. Black on white - much like this comment that I am typing - would be much better.

  • Ariel commented  · 

    This could be remedied by using white, light grey, or blue text on a black background instead of the vast majority of the EHR having a bright white background. Would also be much easier on the eyes.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Also white fonts on a dark background is easier for us to see.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    your font is too light please change. this inconvience cuases we lose productive time because the color scheme makes it almost impossible to read especially entering data in those boxes. the color scheme is bad how about black on white with bold just like this "post your idea" box its black on white and bold its easy to read.

  • Sandi Agnew commented  · 

    Change the patient header to a color other than blue so the patient's phone number hyperlink can actually be visible.

  • Dr Alicemarie Poyss commented  · 

    I would agree with all of the comments to enhance the light blue color to a bolder color as well as the gray color in the boxes requiring information on the patient or even e-prescribing.

  • Dr Michal Adam commented  · 

    I am a biller and use Practice Fusion often to access patient demographics, I find the features very user friendly, however the print is very, very light and I have a very hard time seeing it. I believe that everyone would benefit from a switch to black on white.

  • Vick P commented  · 

    Any and all the fonts are faint grey. It would help to make them black or darker or give an option to change colors. For example, while writing a message, the font colors are very faint. This is really an issue.

  • Vicki Jawitz commented  · 

    have the font automatically be bold so we can find the address and phone # in profile instead of passing over them

  • Srinivasarao Ramakrishna commented  · 

    please please please make the print darker on the demographics..its almost like its shaded out and very difficult to read!

  • Mary Curtis commented  · 

    It's easy to miss the clinic location when first starting to chart and prescribe. Many of us work at the same company but at different cities and clinics. Prior to the current method of changing clinics one had to chose the clinic when first logging on, so the change wasn't missed. Now it's in fairly faint lettering and doesn't stand out as something that needs to be chosen.

  • Alice Coghill, MD commented  · 

    Provide a high contrast feature, or inverted colors feature like i-phone so that those of us with some visual impairment can use it easier

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