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Modify Dosage for Existing Medication

Currently, in order to change the dose of medication, one must discontinue the medicine, remove it, then re-enter it with a different dose. I would like to be able to simply adjust the dosage and not go through the process above.

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Semjon Tsyrlin shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Dr. Underwood commented  · 

    I agree with all the statements. It should be a basic function to be able to change the dosage of a medication without having to delete the current dose and re-write the whole prescription over again. I've used many EMR's where I was able to change the dosage of a medication by using a pull-down screen and click on the next dosage that is needed. it is a huge waste of time to have to start over again when I have to change the dose of a medication.

  • Amanda Gerber commented  · 

    This is huge as I am titrating psychiatric medications, especially in children. I would love to see this option available instead of having to delete/pick a new medication (with dose) each time.

  • Dr. Wei commented  · 

    As a hypertension specialist I titrate medication dosages quite frequently. I imagine Endocrinologists and Hematologists have the same headaches as I do when trying to change doses in PF. Please revise this to make it clear when the dose was changed; perhaps show a timeline of previously rx'd doses when selecting the med for a more detailed view.

  • Front Desk commented  · 

    Let's say I need to increase the dose of the existing medication. So, now I have to send a completely new prescription form, and the old dose stays in the system. That takes a lot of time (especially when you need to change multiple medications) and creates duplicates that you need to remember to delete.
    Instead, it would be nice if you click the prior medication (whatever dose it has) to refill, and have a drop down menu with all available doses. You pick the necessary one, and proceed with the renewal. If needed, you can leave a comment for the pharmacy that the dose has been changed.

  • Carol Rowsemitt commented  · 

    Thank you. That is an issue I have as well. Would love to see it addressed so that it is easier to change dosages.

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